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Best Service

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Multi-sample library of the mellow and charming 1910 Dyson & Sons dulcitone celesta.

The Best Service Dulcitone Celesta Sample Library contains digital samples of the secret star of their Edition Beurmann series—a hidden gem that may seem unimpressive at first glance. The 1910 Dyson & Sons Dulcitone Celesta looks like a small version of a piano. This unique tuning-fork piano sports a vibrant, mellow, and charming sound reminiscent of a vibraphone, a glockenspiel, a marimba, and a piano. It's a sound that is all its own.

At the time it was created, this celesta inspired composers looking for a new sound. Tschaikovsky wrote some parts of his Nutcracker for a celesta like the dulcitone. Being a rather quiet instrument, it seemed inappropriate for orchestral use, so its parts were often played by a glockenspiel instead. Luckily, this is not a problem in a virtual instrument sampler.

Back then, no one had ever dreamt that a celesta would be as relevant today as ever. In fact, the celesta can be considered an acoustic ancestor of the most popular vintage electric pianos, which share the same basic sound principles. Providing a warm and full bass, a celesta carries more weight than a toy piano and is great for any track demanding a novel yet familiar sound.

An original dulcitone celesta is very hard to play, offering a very rough-running and tight dynamic response. Capturing the dynamic shades of the instrument, the producers recorded every note with 8 different samples. The Dyson & Sons Dulcitone owes a huge part of its character and life to the unique release sounds of its keys, so the producers made sure to record those sounds as well, providing 4 variations of each key release sound to complete the dulcitone experience. Breathe new life into your sampler with the nearly 1500 single samples of this Dulictone Celesta compilation.

For the recording of this marvelous little fellow, Nicolay Ketterer, head of realsamples, employed vintage Neumann TLM-170 microphones in conjunction with Crane Song preamps and Universal Audio 2192 converters. The library contains 2 versions of the celesta recorded with different stereo settings. For maximum sound quality, it was recorded in 192KHz/24-bits, downsampled to the resolution of your choice.

Furthermore, the Dulcitone Celesta sample library contains an essay in German from Professor Andreas E. Beurmann, explaining both the historical and musical background of this classic musical instrument.

Best Service Dulcitone Celesta Sample Library Software Features:

  • 8 different samples of each note
  • 4 different release sounds of each note
  • 1500 single samples
  • Ready-to-play KONTAKT 2 /EXS24 /GigaStudio /HAlion—presets or .WAV format
  • Wave format (except GigaStudio version)
  • No mastering applied
  • Recorded in 192KHz/24-bits resolution and downsampled
  • DVD or CD set
  • License-free applicable in your music

Add a unique antique sound to your modern day composition. Order today.

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