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  • 4 on the Floor - During the late 90's two of Tampa's top acts, Burning Sky and Mother Hubbard shared a double bill in Largo, Fla. The members found a mutual respect for each other during the show and crossed paths in various bands over the years.
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  • 4 on the floor - Two of Tampa's top acts during the late 90's, Burning Sky and Mother Hubbard, pulled together to form 4 on the floor in May of 2000.
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  • 4ced Fyre - The band was founded in November of 1999. skitch and I were in our tech support class. skitch and Psycobob we're talking and found out that they both play instruments and are interested in being in a band. Later they found that Ben...
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  • 6'6 240 - Trailer Park Hip Hop, West Virgina ranks #2 as the most poverty stricken state in the USA, think we aint got shit too talk about?
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  • 9-FIFTY - reviewers and pundits alike lament the disappearance of Rock and Roll, whine that its been swallowed up by electronica or whatever the latest flavor of pop music is. But 9-Fifty is here to tell you that mainstream Rock is alive and well.
    (Added: 18-Aug-2004 Hits: 189 Rating: 9.00 Votes: 2) Rate It
  • 974 - Four people in the right place at the right time. Fate brought us together and the music speaks for itself. Driving Bass and Drums amazing guitar all tied together with meaningful lyrics that are delivered by perfect lead vocals.
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  • 9th dynasty - a conscious level of hip hop/r&b
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  • A M - A M sound like pop, punk band with a slice of spastic energy soaked up from either doing a ton of speed or just drinking too many Red Bulls. Their best song on this EP lies with “Life For Sale” with its quirky keyboards that give it a sonic edge
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  • A Telemetry - A Telemetrys music is made up of an edgy.... but melodic sound, with interesting lyrics/chord & riff sequences and lots of guitar layers.
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  • Aalexus - Singer/songwriter Aalexus has a new song entitled "Hail Mary", a funky blues ballad, which dares to tell it like it is about the "Conspiracy of Perversion" rocking the Catholic church.
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