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OnlineRock is your source for the latest indie music and releases along with helpful tips and tools for musicians including CD Reviews, Interviews, Free Giveaways and more. Hosted by Andrew McNair, this podcast features fresh new music from artists around the globe.

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OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 109

  1. Woollen Kits: Susannah, Four Girls on Trouble in Mind/RIP Society
  2. Marian Call: Good Morning Moon, Something Fierce, self-released
  3. Social Studies: Terracur, Developer on Antenna Farm Records
  4. Daniel Inouwa: Lay Now, Firelight EP on RABB
  5. Gospel Claws: Hambone, Put Your Sunshine Away on Common Wall Media
  6. Oh No! Yoko: Mimi Ashi, Sorrow EP on Alcopop
  7. Midway in Wake: Urban Vermin, We Will Remain Sedate on Lowatt
  8. MMOSS: Another Dream, Only Children on Trouble in Mind
  9. Chromatics: Cherry, After Dark II on Italians Do It Better
  10. JAN: Work for the City, JAN on Enclaves
  11. School of Seven Bells: Secret Days, Put Your Sad Down EP on Vagrant
  12. Lucius: Turn It Around, Lucius, self-released
  13. Mouse on Mars: HYM, WOW on Monkeytown Records
  14. Roc Marciano: Flash Gordon, Reloaded on Decon
  15. Maybeshewill: Red Paper Lanterns, I Was Here for a Moment, Then I Was Gone on Function Records
  16. Beach Day: Walking on the Streets, Walking on the Streets 7" on Kanine Records
  17. Run, Forever: Basement, Setting on Tiny Engines
  18. Midnight Magic: Diamonds, Walking the Midnight Streets on Midnight Sun Sound
  19. Clint Michigan: Coeur D'alene, Coeur D'alene, self-released
  20. Nothing: Downward Years to Come, Downward Years to Come EP on A389 Records
  21. Sufjan Stevens: Christmas Unicorn, Silver & Gold on Asthmatic Kitty
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OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 108

  1. Parquet Courts: Borrowed Time, Light Up Gold on Dull Tools
  2. Bear Colony: Flask Retort, Soft Eyes on Esperanza Plantation
  3. Bambi Less Savage: Oh Loneliness, Darkness Overshadowed, self-released
  4. Todd Tobias: Crystal Palace People, Night Above Ground on Hidden Shoal Records
  5. Brooks Strause: Strange City, Iowa City Son Project on Maximum Ames Records
  6. Pretty and Nice: Capsules, Us You All We, self-released
  7. Crystal Castles: Wrath of God, (III) on Casablanca/Fiction/Universal Republic
  8. Joshua James: Queen of the City, From the Top of Willamette Mountain on Intelligent Noise
  9. Jaggery: Hostage Heart, Private Violence EP, self-released
  10. The Faint: Evil Voices, tour-only 12", self-released
  11. Golden Void: The Curve, Golden Void on Thrill Jockey
  12. El Perro Del Mar: Hold Off the Dawn, Pale Fire on The Control Group
  13. Tony, Caro and John: Where The Elephants Go to Die, Blue Clouds on Drag City
  14. Neil Halstead: Digging Shelters, Palindrome Hunches on Sonic Cathedral Records
  15. Trapped Mice: Mona Lisa, Winter Sun on Armellodie
  16. Ash: Return of White Rabbit, The A-Z Series on Noyes Records
  17. The Weeknd: Life of the Party, Trilogy on XO/Universal Republic
  18. Azita: It's Understanding, Year on Drag City
  19. Nels Andrews: Barroom Bards, Scrimshaw, self-released
  20. Black Forest Fire: Live News Feed, Transit of Venus on Sedimental Records
  21. Dazzletine: Plumage, Heart, Mind, Bodies, self-released
  22. The Pharmacy: Baby Be, Stoned and Alone on Old Flame Records
  23. Grape Soda: Obvious Signs, Form a Sign on Kindercore
  24. Teen Daze: Discipleship, The Inner Mansions on Lefse
  25. El Ten Eleven: Thanks Bill, Transitions on Fake Record Label
  26. Bromheads: Holding the Gun, Holding the Gun EP, self-released
  27. Mad Music: Track 4, Mad Music, Inc. on Drag City
  28. Steve Hauschildt: Constant Reminders, Sequitur on Kranky
  29. Chris Weisman: MIT, Maya Properties on OSR Tapes
  30. Elim Bolt: Farm Kid, Nude South on Hearts and Plugs
  31. How to destroy angels_: Keep it together, An omen_ on Columbia
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OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 107

  1. The Ampersands: Golems in Waves, This Is Your Adventure Too on Stringshot Records
  2. Sinkane: Runnin',Mars on DFA Records
  3. Bogan Via: TES, Wait Up EP on Common Wall Media
  4. Still Corners: Fireflies, Fireflies 7", self-released
  5. Ethereal and the Queer Show: Horse, Cosmotopia on Pour Le Corps Records
  6. ExDetectives: Second Chance, Farthest Star on Post Planetary
  7. Cody ChesnuTT: 'Til I Met Thee, Landing on a Hundred, self-released
  8. Michael Zapruder: Florida, Pink Thunder on The Kora Records
  9. Bing and Ruth: And Then It Rained, Backward Music Volume One on Backward Music
  10. Your Youth: Thick Gold (Bodied), Battery EP on Old Flame Records
  11. Only You: Love Is Making Me Feel Tired, Applying Myself 7" on White Iris
  12. Diamond Rings: I'm Just Me, Free Dimensional on Secret City Records
  13. Benjamin Gibbard: Teardrop Windows, Former Lives on Barsuk Records
  14. Jessica Pratt: Night Faces, Jessica Pratt on Birth Records
  15. TKTTSM: Fantastic Plastic, TKTTSM on Sumxuni
  16. Rosie Flores: Working Girl's Guitar, Working Girl's Guitar on Bloodshot Records
  17. Tony Castles: One Tone Man, Sharon Stone EP on Greedhead
  18. Danny!: Misunderstood (Feat. Lil B and Blu), Payback on Okayplayer Records
  19. Bat for Lashes: Laura, The Haunted Man on Capitol
  20. Ending People: Beat of My Heart, Fill Your Lungs on Cash Cow Productions
  21. Silkies: Red, Like One EP on Young Latitudes/Heart Throb Records
  22. Heems: Cowabunga Gnarly, Wild Water Kingdom on Greedhead
  23. Dolfish: I'd Rather Disappear Than Stay the Same, I'd Rather Disappear Than Stay the Same on Afternoon Records
  24. Get People: Cupid's Curse, Back to Dust on Luv Luv Luv
  25. Hank & Cupcakes: Sweet Potion, Ain't No Love on BMG
  26. Titus Andronicus: Upon Viewing Oregon’s Landscape with the Flood of Detritus, Local Business on XL
  27. WRITER: Hot Days, Brotherface on 3 Syllable Records
  28. Yellow Ostrich: Ghost, Ghost on Barsuk Records
  29. Vinca Minor: The Time of You, Capital of Sorrow on Second Shimmy
  30. Young Dreams: Fog of War, Fog of War single on Modular Recordings
  31. Ital Tek: Pixel Haze, Nebula Dance on Planet Mu Records
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OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 106

  1. Piney Gir: Outta Sight, Geronimo! on Highline Records
  2. One Finger Riot: Miles, Fly by Life on Post Planetary
  3. Kopecky Family Band: Heartbeat, Kids Raising Kids, self-released
  4. Matt Bauer: Tonight We Get to Sing Our Songs, No Shape Can Hold Me Now EP on Crossbill Records
  5. Santah: Indigo, You're Still a Lover on Saki Records
  6. Philistines: Woo Hoo Hoo!, Therewolves!, self-released
  7. La Chansons: Treasure Trove, Treasure Trove single on Poplosive Records
  8. The Amazing: Flashlight, Gentle Stream on Partisan Records
  9. Autumn Owls: Great Atlantic Drift, Between Buildings, Towards the Sea on Epitonic
  10. Peace: Your Hand in Mine, The World Is Too Much With Us on Suicide Squeeze
  11. GRMLN: Coral, Explore EP on Carpark
  12. The Luyas: Fifty Fifty Animator on Dead Oceans
  13. Main Attrakionz: Do It for the Bay (feat. DaVinci), Bossalinis & Folliyones on Young Ones
  14. Land Observations: Appian Way, Roman Roads IV-XI on Mute
  15. Mean Creek: Young & Wild, Youth Companion on Old Flame Records
  16. Sassparilla: Threadbare, Magpie on Fluff & Gravy Records
  17. of Montreal: Micro University, Daughter of Cloud on Polyvinyl Records
  18. Aidan Knight: A Mirror, Small Reveal on Outside Music
  19. Mac DeMarco: My Kind of Woman, 2 on Captured Tracks
  20. Sick/Sea: Robot, Moral Compass on Autumn + Color Records
  21. Rah Rah: Art and a Wife, The Poet's Dead on Hidden Pony Records
  22. Beaten by Them: Salvador Divinorum, Kinder Machines on Logicpole/Thrill Jockey
  23. Child Actor: If You Loved Me, Victory on Fake Four
  24. Halls: White Chalk, Ark on No Pain in Pop
  25. Paul Banks: The Base, Banks on Matador
  26. Cub Scouts: Do You Hear, Told You So EP, self-released
  27. Red Clover Ghost: Cowboy Killer (Days Fade Away), Red Clover Ghost on Good Soil Records
  28. The Bloody Angle: The Bloody Angle, The Bloody Angle, self-released
  29. Steffaloo: Would You Stay, Would You Stay on Mush Records
  30. Dan Friel: Valedictorian, Valedictorian/Exoskeleton EP on Thrill Jockey
  31. Matmos: Very Large Green Triangles, The Ganzfeld EP on Thrill Jockey
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OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 105

  1. PAWS: Miss American Bookworm, Cokefloat! on Fat Cat Records
  2. Tame Impala: Apocalypse Dreams, Lonerism on Modular
  3. Beacon: Feeling's Gone, For Now EP on Ghostly International
  4. Erin Costelo: Oh Me Oh My, We Can Get Over, self-released 
  5. Departures: Pillars, Still and Moving Lines on Borana
  6. Letting Up Despite Great Faults: Visions, Untogether on New Words
  7. Chrome Canyon: Generations, Elemental Themes on Stones Throw
  8. Black Marble: A Great Design, A Different Arrangement on Hardly Art
  9. Dana Falconberry: Lake Charlevoix, Leelanau on Antenna Farm Records
  10. A.C. Newman: I'm Not Talking, Shut Down the Streets on Matador
  11. Dance Movie: Things Change, My Dear, Interlopers, self-released
  12. Night Moves: Headlights, Colored Emotions on Domino
  13. Kaki King: Great Round Burn, Glow on Velour Music Group
  14. Graph Rabbit: Only Fields, Snowblind on Butterscotch Records
  15. Team Genius: Everything's Alright, Loud Songs EP on Paper Garden Records
  16. Cold Showers: BC, Love and Regret on Dais Records
  17. ERAAS: Briar Path, ERAAS on felte
  18. Sky Ferreira: Everything Is Embarrassing, Ghost EP on EMI
  19. Tamarin: Seems a Laugh, Shake the Ghost on La Société Expéditionnaire
  20. Freelance Whales: Locked Out, Diluvia on Mom + Pop/Frenchkiss
  21. Deveraux: Capri, Cacti Pace EP on Post-Echo
  22. Tilly and the Wall: Love Riot, Heavy Mood on Team Love
  23. WHY?: Strawberries, Mumps, Etc. on Anticon
  24. Murder by Death: Lost River, Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon on Bloodshot Records
  25. Gangi: Gold, Gesture Is on The Office of Analogue and Digital
  26. Luther: The Concrete Sound, Let's Get You Somewhere Else on Chunksaah Records
  27. Paul Avion: Self-Destroyer, Summerland/Self-Destroyer on Double Half EP 8-Track Records
  28. Immigrant Union: My Heart's a Joke, Immigrant Union on Longtime Listener
  29. Balmorhea: Pyrakantha, Stranger on Western Vinyl
  30. The Mountain Goats: Cry for Judas, Transcendental Youth on Merge
  31. Martin Eden: Verions, Dedicate Function on Lefse Records
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OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 104

  1. Holmes: Stereo, Complication Simplified on Groove Gravy Records
  2. Sweet Lights: Hundred Needle Pins, Sweet Lights on Redeye Label
  3. Chris Cohen: Caller No. 99, Overgrown Path on Captured Tracks
  4. State Broadcasters: Kittiwake, Ghosts We Must Carry on Olive Grove
  5. Cave Painting: So Calm, Votive Life on Third Rock Recordings
  6. Dum Dum Girls: Lord Knows, End of Daze on Sub Pop
  7. Brass Bed: A Bullet for You, A Bullet for You 7" on Crossbill Records
  8. Sandra Kolstad: The Well (We Will Change It All), (Nothing Lasts) Forever on Trust Me Records
  9. Aaron Embry: Moon of the Daylit Sky, Tiny Prayers on Community Music
  10. Title Fight: Head in the Ceiling Fan, Floral Green on SideOneDummy
  11. Decomposure: Readymade, Eating Chicken on Blank Squirrel
  12. Lymbyc Systym: Prairie School, Symbolyst on Western Vinyl
  13. Sera Cahoone: Naked, Deer Creek Canyon on Sub Pop
  14. How to Dress Well: Ocean Floor for Everything, Total Loss on Acéphale
  15. Fine Times: Hey Judas, Fine Times on Light Organ Records
  16. Turtle Giant: We Were Kids, All Hidden Places EP, self-released
  17. The Corin Tucker Band: Groundhog Day, Kill My Blues on Kill Rock Stars
  18. Cars & Trains: Nations, We Are All Fire on Fake Four Inc.
  19. Catherine Irwin: Mockingbird, Little Heater on Thrill Jockey
  20. Cult of Youth: Man and Man's Ruin, Love Will Prevail on Sacred Bones
  21. Chomp: Fresh Wounds, Buddha Jabba Momma on Exit Stencil
  22. Michna: Wanted Exotic, Moving Mountains EP on Ghostly International
  23. Jason Collett: Where Things Go Wrong, Reckon on Arts & Crafts
  24. Eight Belles: Buried Child, Girls Underground, self-released
  25. Silent Rider: I Was a Bomb, Silent Rider, self-released
  26. Jerzey Street Band: Pale Blue River, Breaking Radio Silence, self-released
  27. The Sea and Cake: Harps, Runner on Thrill Jockey
  28. The Album Leaf: Descent, Forward/Return EP, self-released
  29. Minta and the Brook Trout: From the Ground, Olympia on La Maquina 
  30. The Chevin: Champion, Borderland on So Recordings
  31. Caspian: Halls of the Summer, Waking Season on Triple Crown Record
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OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 103

  1. Seapony: Prove to Me, Falling on Hardly Art
  2. Abandoned Pools:  Unrehearsed, Sublime Currency on Tooth & Nail
  3. Rubblebucket: (Focus) Oversaturated, Oversaturated EP on Sin Duda Records
  4. Azure Ray: Scattered Like Leaves, As Above So Below on Saddle Creek
  5. Solos: Carpe Diem, Beast of Both Worlds on Joyful Noise
  6. Nervous Cloud: Monarch, Nervous Cloud on Sweet Goodness Music
  7. David Byrne & St. Vincent: Who, Love This Giant on 4AD/Todo Mundo
  8. Agent Ribbons: Family Haircut, Let Them Talk on Antenna Farm Records
  9. Crooked Cowboy and Freshwater Indians: Annalog and Her Hopeful Diaries, Annalog and Her Hopeful Diaries on Neurotic Yell Records
  10. Peace: California Daze, Delicious EP on Columbia Records
  11. IO Echo: When the Lilies Die, Ministry of Love on IAMSOUND
  12. Big Scary: Falling Away, Vacation on Pieater
  13. Foy Vance:  Something in the Water, Melrose EP on Communion Records
  14. The Brendan Hines: Could've Sworn, Small Mistakes, self-released 
  15. The Helio Sequence: October, Negotiations on Sub Pop
  16. Raymond Byron and the White Freighter: Mexico, Little Death Shaker on Asthmatic Kitty Records
  17. Cat Power: Ruin, Sun on Matador
  18. Ethan Daniel Davidson: The Dogs Howl, The Caravan Moves On, Silvertooth, self-released
  19. Alameda: Summer Dharma, Procession on False Migration Records
  20. Thee Oh Sees: Lupine Dominus, Putrifiers II on In the Red
  21. The People's Temple: Looters Game, More for the Masses on Hozac
  22. Sic Alps: Glyphs, Sic Alps on Drag City
  23. Jason Lytle: Tomorrow Started, Spirit of Talk Talk on Fierce Panda
  24. Two Gallants: Broken Eyes, The Bloom and the Blight on ATO Records
  25. The Raveonettes: She Owns the Streets, Observator on Vice Records
  26. California Wives: Purple, Art History on Vagrant Records
  27. The Modern Airline: Accelerated Evolution, The Modern Airline, self-released
  28. Snowblink: Black and White Mountains, Inner Classics on Arts & Crafts
  29. Field Report: Fergus Falls, Field Report on Partisan Records
  30. Stars: The Theory of Relativity, The North on Soft Revolution Records/ATO
  31. The Dandelion War: Drifters, We Were Always Loyal to Lost Causes on Deep Elm Record
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OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 102

  1. Chris McFarland: Wild Abandon, Beauty and Undertow EP on End Up Records (August 21)
  2. Lightning Love: Deadbeat, Blonde on Quite Scientific Records (August 28)
  3. I Was Totally Destroying It: Move So Slowly, Vexations on Greyday Records (August 21)
  4. Wild Cub: Straight No Turns, Youth on Big Light Recordings (out now)
  5. King of Spain: Motions, All I Did Was Tell Them the Truth, and They Thought It Was Hell, self-released (August 28)
  6. Onuinu: Happy Home, Mirror Gazer on Bladen County Records (August 21)
  7. Slim Twig: Priscilla, Sof' Sike on Paper Bag Records (August 21)
  8. H. Hawkline: Black Domino Box, Black Domino EP on Rough Trade (August 20)
  9. Cate Le Bon: What Is Worse, CYRK II on The Control Group (August 21)
  10. Animal Parts: King of Kings, Animal Parts, self-released (August 21)
  11. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti: Only In My Dreams, Mature Themes on 4AD (August 21)
  12. The Asteroid Shop: Alone, Distant Luxury on Spectroscopic Records (out now)
  13. Careful: It's Funny, Because I'm Always Talking on Circle Into Square Records (August 21)
  14. OMBRE: Cara Falsa, Believe You Me on Asthmatic Kitty (August 27)
  15. Kitten: Cut It Out, Cut It Out EP on Atlantic Records (August 28)
  16. Dan Deacon: Lots, America on Domino Record Co., (August 28)
  17. Bailterspace: No Sense, Strobosphere on Fire Records (August 21)
  18. Wild Nothing: Paradise, Nocturne on Captured Tracks (August 28)
  19. System of Survival: W Pitch Down feat. Surfbit, Needle and Thread on BPitch Control (August 31)
  20. Poor Moon: Holiday, Poor Moon on Sub Pop (August 28)
  21. Six Organs of Admittance: Waswasa, Ascent on Drag City (August 21)
  22. Yeasayer: Henrietta, Fragrant World on Secretly Canadian (August 21)
  23. The Bilinda Butchers: Hai Bby, Goodbyes EP, self-released (August 28)
  24. Dylan LeBlanc: Part One: The End, Cast The Same Old Shadow on Rough Trade (August 21)
  25. Wake Up Lucid: Feel It, Feel It, self-released (out now)
  26. WHY?: Sod in the Seed, Sod in the Seed EP on Anticon/Cityslang (out now)
  27. Darlings: Pet the Ghost, Pet the Ghost 7" on Famous Class Records (out now)
  28. XXL: Vaire,  Dude on Tin Angel (August 21). Xiu Xiu with Larsen
  29. Mad Planet: Pieces of You, Ghost Notes on Planetary Fro Records (August 28)
  30. Youngblood Hawke: Dannyboy, Youngblood Hawke on Universal Republic (out now)
  31. Evan Caminiti: Fading Dawn, Dreamless Sleep on Thrill Jockey (August 21)
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OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 101

  1. Redd Kross: Researching the Blues, Researching the Blues on Merge Records
  2. Ape School: Cocaine & Guns ASAP, Junior Violence on Hometapes
  3. Niku: Broken Seashells, In the Tidelands on Don't Be A Lout Music
  4. Blonds: Time, The Bad Ones on Gluck Music
  5. Stagnant Pools: Dead Sailor, Temporary Room on Polyvinyl
  6. Koko Beware: Stay, Something About the Summer, self-released
  7. Bear Mountain: Two Step, xo, self-released
  8. Archers of Loaf: Dead Red Eyes, White Trash Heroes on Merge Records
  9. Denver: The Way It Is, Denver on Mama Bird Recording Co.
  10. Sundress: California Dames, California Dames/Pilot Wings 7" on White Iris
  11. Dirty Projectors: Buckle Up, Buckle Up 7" on Domino Records
  12. Buffalo Killers: Hey Girl, Dig. Sow. Love. Grow. on Alive Naturalsound Records
  13. Sweet Valley: Total Carnage, Stay Calm on Fools Gold Records
  14. Taken By Trees: Dreams, Dreams 12" on Secretly Canadian
  15. NIki & The Dove: Tomorrow, Instinct on Sub Pop
  16. Height With Friends: I Can't Stand to be Refused, Rock and Roll on Friends/Cold Rhymes
  17. Black Pistol Fire: Crows Feet, Big Beat '59 on Rife Bird Records
  18. White Violet: Lays Around Lazy, Hiding, Mingling on Normaltown Records
  19. Ormonde: Can't Imagine, Machine on Hometapes
  20. Blood Red Shoes: Stop Kicking, In Time to Voices on V2/Cooperative Music
  21. The Orwells: Mallrats (La La La), Remember When on Autumn Tone
  22. Tidelands: The New Black, We've Got a Map on Redgummy Records
  23. Jenee Halstead: So Far, So Fast, Raised by Wolves, self-released
  24. Dead Can Dance: Amnesia, Anastasis on [PIAS] Recordings
  25. Useless Eaters: Malfunction, Black Night Ultraviolet EP on Manimal Vinyl
  26. Permanent Collection: It's Alright, Newly Wed Nearly Dead on Loglady Records
  27. Fergus and Geronimo: No Parties, Funky Was the State of Affairs on Hardly Art
  28. Junk Culture: Growing Pains, Wild Quiet on Illegal Art
  29. Birds & Batteries: The Golden Age of Dreams, Stray Light on Eightmaps Records
  30. Ned Collette and the Wirewalker: Long You Lie, 2 on Fire Records
  31. Willits + Sakamoto: Completion, Ancient Future on Ghostly International

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OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 100

1. Young Guv + The Skuzz: Heal Over Time, A Love Too Strong on Southpaw Records
2. The Mommyheads: Science and Reason, Vulnerable Boy on Dromedary Records
3. Purity Ring: Fineshrine, Shrines on 4AD
4. Lawrence Arabia: Traveling Shows, The Sparrow on Bella Union
5. Buttonhead: Champion Bread, 3D Opera Whale on Horse Arm Records
6. Blonde Summer: Slow Days Fast Company, Slow Daze EP, self-released
7. Sacred Caves: On the Outside, Sanctuarium EP on hausKat Records
8. Icky Blossoms: Perfect Vision, Icky Blossoms on Saddle Creek
9. The Stowaways: Changing Times, Changing Times, self-released
10. Fang Island: Sisterly, Major on Sargent House
11. Line & Circle: Roman Ruins, Roman Ruins 7" on White Iris
12. Serengeti: Amnesia, C.A.R. on Anticon
13. Heavenly Beat: Messiah, Talent on Captured Tracks
14. Misun: Coffee, The Sea EP on T&A Records
15. Grassfight: Look Homeward, Heathen, Icon EP 2, self-released
16. Wizards of Time: Little's Jingle, Will the Soft Curse Plague On? on Hidden Shoal
17. The Blank Tapes: I'm Back, I'm Back 7" on 20-Sided Records
18. Laetitia Sadier: Find Me the Pulse of the Universe, Silencio on Drag City
19. Kyle Adem: Armour, Armour on Ghost Motel Records
20. The History of Panic: The Chase, Fight! Fight! Fight! on Le Grand Magistery
21. Susanna Hoffs: Picture Me, Someday on Baroque Folk
22. Ice Choir: I Want You Now And Always, Afar on Underwater Peoples
23. Foxygen: Make It Known, Take the Kids Off Broadway on Jagjaguwar
24. Woodpecker: Every Boy in NY, Thanks Anyway, self-released
25. Eternal Summers: You KIll, Correct Behavior on Kanine
26. Panoramic & True: Product On, Wonderlust on Raymond Roussel Records
27. Illegitimate Sons: Gillian, American Music on Lee Miles
28. Motèl Mari: According to Who, Eternal Peasant on Other Electricities
29. múm: 0,000Orð, Early Birds on Morr Music
30. The Ugly Club: David Foster Wallace, You Belong to the Minutes, self-released
31. Frank Ocean: Pyramids, Channel Orange on Def Jam

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OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 99

1. Glocca Morra: Ya'll Boots Hats (Die Angry), Just Married on Kind of Like Records
2. Deep Time: Clouds, Deep Time on Hardly Art
3. Easter Island: Frightened, Frightened, self-released
4. Clare and The Reasons: The Lake, KR-51 on Frog Stand Records
5. Post War Years: Glass House, Glass House EP on Chess Club/Sony
6. Elk: Riverview, Daydreams on IndoorShoes
7. Aesop Rock: Zero Dark Thirty, Skelethon on Rhymesayers
8. Videoing: Crimson Wave, Reader on Slack Electric
9. Husky: History's Door, Forever So on Sub Pop
10. Alberta Cross: Magnolia, Songs of Patience on ATO Records
11. Debo Band: Asha Gedawo, Debo Band on Sub Pop
12. Mornin' Old Sport: Katie, Mornin' Old Sport on Misery Loves Co.
13. Erika Spring: Hidden, Spring EP on Cascine
14. Get People: Grove, Harmonize EP on Luv Luv Records
15. Gold Motel: Musicians, Summer House on Good As Gold/Thirty Tigers
16. Animal Kingdom: Get Away With It, The Looking Away on Mom+Pop Records
17. Del the Funky Homosapien & Parallel Thought: Different Guidelines, Attractive Sin on Parallel Thought
18. Poolside: Slow Down, Pacific Standard Time on Day & Night Recordings
19. Digits: Where Do You Belong, Where Do You Belong EP on Exclaim!
20. Holograms: Chasing My Mind, Holograms on Captured Tracks
21. Audacity: Garza Girls, Mellow Cruisers on Burger/Recess Records
22. The Dust Engineers: Snot Nosed Dweeb, Bail EP on No Horse Town
23. Arrange: Caves, New Memory on Arranged Recordings
24. The Appleseed Collective: Mani, Baby to Beast, self-released
25. Twin Shadow: Five Seconds, Confess on 4AD
26. Mission of Burma: Second Television, Unsound on Fire Records
27. Milk Maid: Do Right, Mostly No on Fat Cat Records
28. The Drowning Men: Smile, All the Unknown on Borstal Beat Records
29. Jonathan Byerly: I Still Pull the Silver (From the Penny Drawer), Catherine Market on La Société Expéditionnaire
30. Saint Motel: 1997, Voyeur on On The Records
31. Sunglasses: Swim, Namesake/Swim EP on Lefse

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OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 98

1. The Henry Clay People: Hide, Twenty-Five for the Rest of Our Lives on TBD Records
2. A Place to Bury Strangers: You Are the One, Worship on Dead Oceans
3. Ami Saraiya and The Outcome: I'm Pregnant, Soundproof Box, self-released
4. Exray's: Ancient Thing, Trust a Robot on Howells Transmitter
5. Wintersleep: Resuscitate, Hello Hum on Roll Call Records/ILG
6. Everest: Rapture, Ownerless on ATO Records
7. Dive: How Long Have You Known, Oshin on Captured Tracks
8. Arc in Round: Hallowed, Arc in Round on La Société Expéditionnaire
9. Jezzy and the Belles: Confess Child, Compasses and Maps, self-released
10. Edmund II: Riptide, Floating Monk on Joyful Noise Recordings
11. Drug Cabin: Whatever Never, Drug Cabin EP on 401K Music
12. Dent May: Home Groan, Do Things on Paw Tracks
13. Ozarks: Pyramids of Love, Ozarks, self-released
14. Right Away, Great Captain!: I Am Aware, The Church of the Good Thief on Favorite Gentlemen
15. Air Traffic Controller: Blame, Nordo on Sugarpop Records
16. Hacienda: Don't Keep Me Waiting, Shakedown on Collective Sounds
17. Jesca Hoop: Born To, The House that Jack Built, self-released
18. Amanda Jo Williams: The Bear Eats Me, The Bear Eats Me on Neurotic Yell Records
19. Beachwood Sparks: Forget the Song, The Tarnished Gold on Sub Pop
20. Jen Schande: Nice Fez, Songs for and Inspired by Valencia on Squirrel Records
21. Wood Ear: Leave My Walls, Steeple Vultures EP on Church Key Records
22. Future of What: I Wait For You, Moonstruck EP, self-released
23. The Corduroy Road: Love You Can't Shake, Two Step Silhouette, self-released
24. Echo Lake: Wild Peace, Wild Peace on Slumberland Records
25. New Beard: Doom, New Beard on Shoulder Tap Music
26. Two Wounded Birds: To Be Young, Two Wounded Birds on Holiday Friends Records
27. Sonny & The Sunsets: I See the Void, Longtime Companion on Polyvinyl
28. Sam Densmore: She's Going to Want You, Ku-Thar'-Tik on Buddy Cat Music
29. Hard Drugs: The Hardest Part, Party Forever on Storyboard
30. The Young: Livin' Free, Dub Egg on Matador
31. Seventeen Evergreen: Burn the Fruit (Pegasus), Steady On, Scientist! on Lucky Number

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 98

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 97

1. Crocodiles: Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9), Endless Flowers on Frenchkiss Records
2. Amanda Mair: Sense, Amanda Mair on Labrador
3. Giant Giant Sand: Forever And a Day, Tucson on Fire Records
4. Anna Ternheim: Walking Aimlessly, The Night Visitor on V2/Cooperative Music
5. Jonathan Boulet: This Song Is Called Ragged, We Keep the Beat, Found the Sound, See the Need, Start the Heat on Modular Records
6. Jaill: Waste a Lot of Things, Traps on Sub Pop
7. Anabot: I Am Not Afraid of the Dark, Anabot EP, self-released
8. Bobby Womack: Please Forgive My Heart, The Bravest Man in the Universe on XL
9. Dntel: Bright Night, Aimlessness on Pampa Records
10. Nouela: Fight, Chants on The Control Group
11. Guided by Voices: Class Clown Spots a UFO (New Version), Class Clown Spots a UFO on Guided by Voices Inc.
12. Fallon Cush: In the Nick of Time, April, self-released
13. James Apollo: Two by Two, Little War, Little Less on Marterry Music
14. Emily Jane White: Black Silk, Ode to Sentience on Antenna Farm Records
15. Thieving Irons: Poison, Behold, This Dreamer!, self-released
16. Skyline Pigeons: Tennessee, House of Mysteries, self-released
17. The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library: Faith in Free Part I, Faith in Free EP, self-released
18. Magic Trick: Torture, Ruler of the Night on Hardly Art
19. Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band: Warm Body, Prehistory EP on Dead Oceans
20. Baby Monster: City of Lovers, City of Lovers EP, self-released
21. The Inner Banks: Ana Peru, Wild on Dag!
22. Scott Lucas and The Married Men: Blood Half Moons, Blood Half Moon on The End Records
23. Elisa Luu: Se fosse per me, Un Giorno Sospesso on Hidden Shoal
24. Shake the Baron: Big Sur, Ghost Hits on Super Duper Records
25. Michael the Blind: Another Circle of Fifths, Are's and Els on Alder Street Records
26. The Mynabirds: Body of Work, Generals on Saddle Creek Records
27. The Tallest Man on Earth: 1904, There's No Leaving Now on Dead Oceans
28. Caged Animals: I Will Take My Own Hand, Summer EP on Lucky Number Music
29. Mike Scheidt: In Your Light, Stay Awake on Thrill Jockey
30. Island Twins: The Wolf's Lair, Island Twins on Fighting Ghosts Records
31. d'Eon: Al-Qiyamah, LP on Hippos in Tanks

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 97

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 96

1. King Tuff: Bad Thing, King Tuff on Sub Pop
2. Hallelujah the Hills: Get Me in a Room, No One Knows What Happens Next on Discrete Pageantry Records
3. Rec Center: No. 2, Tin Year on New Granada Records
4. The Doc Marshalls: Here They Come, Look Out, Compadre on Twinpost Music
5. Still Flyin': Travelin' Man, On a Bedroom Wall on Ernest Jenning Record Co.
6. The Cult: Lucifer, Choice of Weapon on Cooking Vinyl
7. Billy & Dolly: Gold, Dally Bon Idyll on Shit Krystal Records
8. Pure Bathing Culture: Ivory Coast, Pure Bathing Culture on Father/Daughter Records
9. Lemonade: Neptune, Diver on True Panther
10. Plushgun: Waste Away, Me. Me. on Tommy Boy Entertainment
11. The Danks: Automocar, Are You Afraid of the Danks on Hidden Pony
12. Joe Norkus: Call You Up, EP EP on Trekky Records
13. Teen Daze: Brooklyn Sunburn, All of Us, Together on Lefse Records
14. Marissa Nadler: Apostle, The Sister on Box of Cedar Records
15. Dana Buoy: Call to Be, Summer Bodies on Lefse Records
16. Violens: Unfolding Black Wings, True on Slumberland
17. Jherek Bischoff: Young and Lovely, Composed on the Leaf Label
18. Birthmark: Shake Hands, Antibodies on Polyvinyl
19. MV & EE: Too Far to See, Space Homestead on Woodsist
20. Parlovr: You Only Want It 'Cause You're Lonely, Kook Soul on Dine Alone Records
21. Grand Rapids: Feels Like a Lifetime, Feels Like a Lifetime single on Too Pure Records
22. Young Lungs: Attack of the Montana Red, Bood on the Streets 7", self-released
23. Gemma Ray: Runaway, Island Fire on Bronze Rat
24. Sun Kil Moon: UK Blues, Among the Leaves on Caldo Verde
25. Exitmusic: Passage, Passage on Secretly Canadian
26. Best Coast: The Only Place, The Only Place on Mexican Summer
27. Toys That Kill: Stye, Fambly 42 on Recess Records
28. Blue Foundation: Lost, In My Mind I Am Free on Dead People's Choice Records
29. Young Man: Do, Vol. 1 on Frenchkiss
30. Like Pioneers: Boggs, Oh, Magic on Abandoned Love Records
31. Tu Fawning: Bones, A Monument on City Slang

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 96

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 95

1. PS I Love You: Sentimental Dishes, Death Dreams on Paper Bag Records
2. Apollo Ghosts: What Are Your Influences, Landmark on You've Changed Records
3. Higgins: Easy Thing, Straight A's on Serious Business Records
4. Boy: This Is the Beginning, Mutual Friends on Gronland Records
5. Cheers Elephant: Falling Out, Like Wind Blows Fire, self-released
6. Ane Brun: Do You Remember (with First Aid Kit), It All Starts WIth One on [PIAS] America
7. Airiel: Flashlight Tag, Kid Games EP on Shelflife Records
8. Sea of Bees: Broke, Orangefarben on Team Love
9. Hope for Agoldensummer: Daniel Bloom, Life Inside the Body on Mazarine Records
10. Island Twins: Lying in State, Island Twins, self-released
11. Father John Misty: Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings, Fear Fun on Sub Pop
12. Orpheum Bell: Poor Laetitia, The Old Sister's Home, self-released
13. The Spinto Band: Take It, Shy Pursuit on Spintonic Recordings
14. Alice and Michi: Dedication, Strange Bloom on Kenji Records
15. Ramona Falls: Spore, Prophet on Barsuk Records
16. Nick Waterhouse: Some Place, Time's All Gone on Innovative Leisure
17. Old Bricks: Anthem, City Lights on Grip Tapes
18. Daughn Gibson: In the Beginning, All Hell on White Denim/Milestone Records
19. S. Carey: Two Angles, Hoyas EP on Jagjaguwar
20. Dead Mellotron: Stranger, Glitter on Sonic Cathedral Recordings
21. Royal Headache: Girls, Royal Headache on What's Your Rupture
22. Siddhartha: The Fire Next Time, If It Die on Neurotic Yell Records
23. Beach House: Myth, Bloom on Sub Pop
24. Jenny Berkel: Love Is a Stone, Here on a Wire, self-released
25. Sean Bones: Here Now, Buzzards Boy on Solid Gold
26. The Cribs: Chi-Town, In the Belly of the Brazen Bull on Wichita Recordings
27. jj: Beautiful Life, jj n° 4 on Secretly Canadian/Sincerely Yours
28. The Spring Standards: Only Skin, yellow/gold on Parachute Shooter Records
29. The Driftwood Singers: I Don't Live Here Anymore, I Don't Live Here Anymore on Trailer Fire Records
30. The Young: Livin' Free, Dub Egg on Matador
31. Reptar: Orifice Origami, Body Faucet on Vagrant Records

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 95

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 94

1. Diamond Rugs: Gimme a Beer, Diamond Rugs on Partisan Records
2. Moonface: Teary Eyes and Bloody Lips, With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery on Jagjaguwar
3. Theresa Andersson: Hold on to Me, Street Parade on Basin Street
4. Leigh Marble: Walk, Where the Knives Meet Between the Rows on Laughing Stock Records
5. Tic Tic Boom!: For Feeling, Before the Sun Rises EP, self-released
6. Terrible Feelings: Intruders, Shadows on Deranged Records
7. The Waco Brothers and Paul Burch: Great Chicago Fire, Great Chicago Fire on Bloodshot Records
8. Sweet Billy Pilgrim: Brugada, Crown & Treaty on EMI
9. CFCF: Exercise #3 (Building), Exercises on Paper Bag Records
10. Lushlife: Big Sur, Plateau Vision on Western Vinyl
11. Suckers: Turn on the Sunshine, Candy Salad on Frenchkiss
12. Susurrus Station: Play the Fool, Antinomie on Aio Records
13. Twin Trip: Heavy Load, Twin Trip on Flower Records
14. Horse Feathers: Fit Against the Country, Cynic's New Year on Kill Rock Stars
15. Johnny Bertram and the Golden Bicycles: Miracle, Neon City on Esperanza Plantation
16. Bryan Scary: Ballroom Kid, Daffy's Elixir on Paper Garden Records/Lavaslope Records
17. Stars in Coma: Dismantle Your Heart, Midnight Puzzle on KinGem Records
18. Mystery Pills: The Glass Traditions, Mystery Pills EP, self-released
19. Brendan Benson: Bad for Me, What Kind of World on Readymade Records
20. Finn Riggins: Benchwarmers, Benchwarmers EP on Tender Loving Empire
21. Torche: Kicking, Harmonicraft on Volcom Entertainment
22. The Dandy Warhols: Sad Vacation, This Machine on The End Records
23. Electric Guest: American Daydream, Mondo on Downtown Records
24. Coke Weed: Magpie, Nice Dreams, self-released
25. The Forty Nineteens: Turn It Around, No Expiration Date on Heyday Records
26. Toro Y Moi: Dead Pontoon, June 2009 on Carpark

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 94

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 93

1. Bear in Heaven: Reflection of You, I Love You, It's Cool on Dead Oceans/Hometapes
2. Joshua McCormack: Terminal Velocity, The Phantom King on Mecca Lecca Recording Co.
3. Hollis Brown: Ride on the Train, Nothing and the Famous No One EP, self-released
4. I Am Dive: A Morning Walk, The Constellations EP on Slanty Shanty Records
5. Whitejacket: The Modern, Hollows and Rounds, self-released
6. Lux: The Window, We Are Not the Same, self-released
7. Zammuto: Too Late to Topologize, Zammuto on Temporary Residence
8. Orbital: Never, Wonky on ACP Recordings
9. Simone Felice: New York Times, Simone Felice on Team Love Records
10. Hoots and Hellmouth: Why Would You Not Want to Go There?, Salt on sonaBLAST!
11. Bobby Conn: Underground Vktm, Macaroni on Fire Records
12. The Pale Corners: REM, REM on Since Records
13. Jenny Gillespie: Sunshine Blood, Belita EP on Narooma Records
14. Midtown Dickens: Only Brother, Home on Trekky Records
15. Kishi Bashi: It All Began with a Burst, 151a on Joyful Noise Recordings
16. Zambri: ICBYS, House of Baasa on Kanine
17. Weird Dreams: Little Girl, Choreography on Tough Love
18. Young Hines: Rainy Day, Give Me My Change on Readymade Records
19. Ryan Power: I Don't Care, I Don't Want to Die on NNA Tapes
20. AU: Get Alive, Both Lights on Hometapes
21. Tigercats: Full Moon Reggae Party, Isle of Dogs on Fika Recordings/Acuarela Discos
22. Unison: Brothers & Sisters, Unison on Lentonia
23. Twin Steps: Pinkie Promise, Serial Parade EP on Cola Bruin
24. Emily Wells: Passenger, Mama on Partisan Records
25. Dinosaur Feathers: Beatcha, Whistle Tips on Ernest Jenning Record Co.
26. oOoOO: NoWayBack (feat. Butterclock), Hurting Us EP on Tri Angle

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 93

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 92

1. La Sera: Please Be My Third Eye, La Sera Sees the Light on Hardly Art 
2. Each Other: Sit Still, Traces to Nowhere 7" on Crikey Records
3. Solander: Book of Advice, Passing Mt. Satu on Tenderversion
4. Tanlines: Brothers, Mixed Emotions on True Panther
5. The Wedding Present: You're Dead, Valentina on Scopitones
6. TacocaT: Spring Break-Up, Take Me To Your Dealer on Hardly Ar
7. Yellow Ostrich: Marathon Runner, Strange Land on Barsuk
8. Cats on Fire: A Few Empty Waves, All Blackshirts to Me on Soliti
9. Mirel Wagner: No Death, Mirel Wagner on Friendly Fire
10. Retribution Gospel Choir: The Stone (Revolution), The Stone Revolution EP on Sub Pop
11. Yukon Blonde: Stairway, Tiger Talk on Dine Alone Records
12. Zeus:  Are You Gonna Waste My Time?, Busting Visions on Arts & Crafts
13. Julia Holter: In the Same Room, Ekstasis on RVNG
14. Luke Roberts: His Song, The Iron Gates at Throop and Newport on Thrill Jockey
15. Adam and The Amethysts: Prophecy, Flickering Flashlight on Kelp
16. Morningbell: You Think I Don't Know (But I Know), Basso Profundo, self-released
17. Lee Ranaldo: Off the Wall, Between the Time and the Tides on Matador
18. THEESatisfaction: QueenS, awE naturalE on Sub Pop
19. Mike Wexler: Pariah, Dispossession on Mexican Summer
20. Said the Whale: Heavy Ceiling, Little Mountain on Hidden Pony
21. Freshkills: Positive Vibes, Raise Up the Sheets on Bat Rabies Alert/The End Records
22. Rusko: Somebody to Love, Songs on Mad Decent/Downtown
23. Conduits: Top of the Hill, Conduits on Team Love Records
24. Young Prisms: Floating in Blue, In Between on Kanine
25. Way Yes: Important, Walkability EPon Lefse Records
26. Sharks: Arcane Effigies, No Gods on Rise Records
27. Bensh: How Come Nao, Clues on Odd One In Records
28. Oberhofer: HEART, Time Capsules II on Glassnote
29. WhoMadeWho: Below the Cherry Moon, Brighter on Kompakt
30. The Shins: Simple Song, Port of Tomorrow on Columbia
31. Spoek Mathambo: Let Them Talk, Father Creeper on Sub Pop

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 92

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 91

1. Team Me: Show Me, To the Treetops on Propellor Recordings
2. Erin Passmore: Downtown, Downtown EP on Hidden Pony
3. Kaiser Chiefs: Little Shocks, Start the Revolution Without Me on Fictional/Universal Music Group
4. Denison Witmer: Brooklyn With Your Highest Wall, The Ones Who Wait on Asthmatic Kitty
5. England in 1819: Air That We Once Breathed, Alma, self-released
6. Sourpatch: Cynthia Ann, Stagger and Fade on HHBTM Records
7. School of Seven Bells: The Night, Ghostory on Vagrant Records
8. Elika: No One Gets Lost, Always the Light on Saint Marie Records
9. Sophia Knapp: Close to Me, Into the Waves on Drag City
10. Fort Lean: Sunsick, Sunsick 7" on Neon Gold/Black Bell
11. The Elkcloner: Crossfire, The Elkcloner on Musebox Records
12. Baby Eagle & The Proud Mothers: Brave Women, Bone Soldiers on You've Changed Records
13. Dirty Three: Rising Below, Toward the Low Sun on Drag City
14. Bowerbirds: Tuck the Darkness In, The Clearing on Dead Oceans
15. Parakeet: Tomorrow, Tomorrow 7", self-released
16. Eux Autres: Right Again, Sun Is Sunk on Bon Mots Records
17. Dunes: Vertical Walk, Noctiluca on Post Present Medium
18. Jay Farrar/ Yim Yames/ Anders Parker/Will Johnson: Old LA, New Multitudes: A Tribute to Woody Guthrie on Rounder Records
19. Good Old War: Calling Me Names, Come Back As Rain on Sargent House
20. The Mary Onettes: Love's Taking Strange Ways, Love Forever on Labrador
21. Cygnets: Teenager, Dark Days, self-released
22. Lissy Trullie: It's Only You, Isn't It, Lissy Trullie on Downtown Records
23. Gabriel & The Hounds: The World Unfolds, Kiss Full of Teeth on Communion
24. Eric Chenaux: Amazing Backgrounds, Guitar & Voice on Constellation
25. Juston Stens: Edge of the Moon, Trash or Treasure, self-released
26. Memoryhouse: The Kids Were Wrong, The Slideshow Effect on Sub Pop
27. Plants and Animals: Lightshow, The End of That on Secret City Records
28. Mike O'Neill: Henry, Wild Lines on Zunior
29. Y La Bamba: Squawk, Court the Storm on Tender Loving Empire
30. Jonathan Segel: (Ever and) Always, All Attractions on Magnetic
31. First Person Shootr: You New Web, Mobility for Gods on Lefse Records

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 91

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 90

1. Amy Ray: Glow, Lung of Love on Daemon Records
2. Wild Nothing: Nowhere, Nowhere 7" on Captured Tracks
3. Burning Hearts: Burn, Burn, Burn, Extinctions on Shelflife Records
4. Damon Moon and the Whispering Drifters: Loose Ends, Lungs, Dirt, and Dreams on Adair Park Recordings
5. Oy Vey: The Brooklyn Side, Recession Girls, self-released
6. Winter Pills: Rogue Highway, All My Lovely Goners on Signature Sounds
7. Dirty Ghosts: Shout It In, Metal Moon on Last Gang Records
8. Damien Jurado: Nothing Is the News, Maraqopa on Secretly Canadian
9. Rosie Thomas: Where Was I, With Love on Studio Litho
10. Terry Malts: Tumble Down, Killing Time on Slumberland
11. Field Music: (I Keeping Thinking About) A New Thing, Plumb on Memphis Industries
12. Ariane Moffatt: In Your Body, MA on Audiogram
13. Christopher Paul Stelling: Mourning Train to Memphis, Songs of Praise & Scorn on Mecca Lecca Recording Co.
14. Perfume Genius: All Waters, Put Your Back N 2 It on Matador
15. Zebra & Snake: Empty Love Song, Sweetest Treasure EP on 100% Records
16. Shearwater: Breaking the Yearling, Animal Joy on Sub Pop
17. Sick Friend: The Draft Dodger, The Draft Dodger on Bird & Flag
18. Leland Sundries: Apparition, The Foundry EP on L'Echiquier Records
19. Barna Howard: Promise, I Won't Laugh, Barna Howard on Mama Bird Recording Co.
20. Sara Radle: The Pins, Same Sun Shines on Jeez Louise
21. Sleigh Bells: Comeback Kid, Reign of Terror on Mom & Pop Music
22. Cursive: The Sun and Moon, I Am Gemini on Saddle Creek
23. Guy Capecelatro III: Girlfriends, North for the Winter on Dromedary Records
24. Lambchop: If Not I'll Just Die, Mr. M on Merge Records
25. Beach Fossils: Shallow, Shallow 7" on Captured Tracks
26. Unicycle Loves You: Sun Comes Out (And I Don't Care), Failure on Mecca Lecca Recording Co.

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 90

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 89

1. Ben Kweller: Mean to Me, Go Fly a Kite on The Noise Company
2. Heartless Bastards: Parted Ways, Arrow on Partisan
3. Andrew Sisk: Pause, Treelines, self-released
4. Islands: This Is Not a Song, A Sleep & A Forgetting on Anti Records
5. Bears: Eleven a.m., Greater Lakes on Misra Records
6. Virals: Magic Happens, Magic Happens/Comes the Night 7" on Sexbeat
7. The 2 Bears: Warm and Easy, Be Strong on Southern Fried
8. Eight and a Half: Scissors, Eight and a Half on Arts & Crafts
9. Ezra Furman: Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, The Year of No Returning, self-released
10. Sharon Van Etten: Serpents, Tramp on Jagjaguwar
11. Mark Lanegan Band: The Gravedigger's Song, Blues Funeral on 4AD
12. The Just Barelys: Lions, Mad Bits on Dead Bum
13. Silver Swans: Let it Happen, Forever on Twentyseven Records
14. Boy Friend: Egyptian Wrinkle, Egyptian Wrinkle on Hell, Yes!
15. Silverhawk: Class War, The Forest for the Trees, self-released
16. Digital Leather: Young Doctors in Love, Modern Problems on FDH Records
17. The Valery Trails: Horizon, Ghosts and Gravity, self-released
18. Royal Baths: Darling Divine, Better Luck Next Life on Kanine
19. Robert Deeble: Undertow, Heart Like Feathers on Mind Bomb Publishing/Dead Letter Records
20. Fleming: Slip, Play for Manuel EP on Electric Diving School
21. Ed Vallance: Crystalline, Volcano on Proof Records
22. Barry Adamson: Turnaround, I Will Set You Free on Central Control
23. The Twilight Sad: Another Bed, No One Can Ever Know on FatCat
24. of Montreal: Wintered Debts, Paralytic Stalks on Polyvinyl
25. The Pharmacy: Dig Your Grave, Dig Your Grave EP on Kind Turkey Records
26. Windy and Carl: Remember, We Will Always Be on Kranky

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 89

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 88

1. Standard Fare: Suitcase, Out of Sight, Out of Town on Melodic Records
2. Porcelain Raft: Put Me to Sleep, Strange Weekend on Secretly Canadian
3. Evan Voytas: Can't Let Anybody Know Who You Are, Feel Me on Dovecote
4. Buxton: Boy of Nine, Nothing Here Seems Strange on New West Records
5. Imperial Teen: Runaway, Feel the Sound on Merge
6. Hospitality: Friends of Friends, Hospitality on Merge
7. Doug Jerebine: Ashes and Matches, Doug Jerebine Is Jesse Harper on Drag City
8. Exdetectives: The Lawn, Take My Forever on Post Planetary
9. Elephant Micah: If I Were a Surfer, Louder Than Thou on Product of Palmyra
10. Harriet: I Slept WIth All Your Mothers, Tell the Right Story EP, self-released
11. Grabbel and the Final Cut: The Finest Thing, Get Your Feet Back on the Ground EP on Captured Tracks
12. Frankie Rose: Know Me, Interstellar on Slumberland Records/Memphis Industries
13. Trailer Trash Tracys: Dies in 55, Ester on Domino Record Co.
14. Grimes: Oblivion, Visions on Arbutus
15. Rags & Ribbons: Even Matter, The Glass Masses, self-released
16. Cloud Nothings: Stay Useless, Attack on Memory on Carpark
17. pacificUV: Funny Girl, Weekends on Mazarine
18. Night Genes: Cyber Me, Like the Blood, self-released
19. Buried Beds: Ivory Towers, Small Stories EP on Admiral  Byrd
20. Nada Surf: When I Was Young, The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy on Barsuk Records
21. The Darcys: Josie, Aja on Arts & Crafts Records

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 88

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 87

1. Cotton Mather: My Before and After, Kontiki on Star Apple Kingdom
2. Secret Colours: Faust, EP3, self-released
3. kayln rock: Alex the Great, Passenger on Black Hat Music
4. Grand & Noble: This Light, Grand & Noble, self-released
5. Old Monk: Sacred Birds, Birds of Belize on Eenie Meenie Records
6. Anthony Green: Big Mistake, Beautiful Things on Photo Finish Records
7. Public Jones: Alright, The Fall, self-released
8. Dare Dukes and The Blackstock Collection: Meet You at the Bus, Thugs and China Dolls, Mazarine Records
9. Moist: Hold On, Temporary Arrangements on I/O Music
10. The Big Pink: Stay Gold, Future This on 4AD
11. Guided By Voices: The Unsinkable Fats Domino, Let's Go Eat the Factory, self-released
12. Run Dan Run: Lovesick Animal, Normal on Hearts and Plugs
13. Expensive Looks: Nothing More, Dark Matters on Group Tightener
14. Cate Le Bon: Puts Me to Work, CYRK on The Control Group
15. Paul Brill: Sunny Guy, Breezy on Scarlet Shame Records
16. Howler: Back of Your Neck, America Give Up on Rough Trade
17. Laura Gibson: La Grande, La Grande on Barsuk Records
18. Keepaway: Cake, Black Flute on Greedhead
19. I, Colossus: The Ocean, One EP, self-released
20. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour: Major, Out of Frequency on Small Giants
21. Matthew Dear: Headcage, Headcage EP on Ghostly International

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 87

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 86

1. Thee American Revolution: Blow My Mind, Buddha Electrostorm on Fire Records
2. CITIZENS!: Girlfriend, True Romance on Kitsuné
3. The Pale Corners: Fireflies, Firefiles on Since Records
4. Great Aunt Ida: Romance, Nuclearize Me on Zunior
5. The Lower 48: The End, Where All Maps End, self-released
6. Inspired and the Sleep: Chops, KaleidoscopeYears, self-released
7. Chains of Love: Breaking My Heart, Breaking My Heart 7" on Manimal Vinyl
8. Ross and the Wrongens: Summer Sun, Life in the Loos, self-released
9. Jacaszek: Dare-Gale, Glimmer on Ghostly International
10. Wooden Wand & The Briarwood Virgins: Big Mouth USA, Briarwood on Fire Records
11. Young Antiques: Supermodel, A Man, Not a Biography on Two Sheds Records
12. Seventeen Evergreen: Angels, Psyentist EP on Lucky Number
13. The Lost Lovers Brigade: Tigers, Little Skeleton, self-released
14. i am Love: Truest, Truest EP, self-released
15. AU: Solid Gold, Solid Gold 7" on Hometapes
16. Bleached: Searching Through the Past, Searching Through the Past 7" on Suicide Squeeze
17. Lil Daggers: Dada Brown, Lil Daggers on Song, by Toad Records
18. David Newton & Thee Mighty Angels: Paint the Town, Paint the Town, self-released
19. Loves It!: My So Called Life, Yay!, self-released
20. Boris: Spoon, New Album on Sargent House
21. Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun: We Were Wild, Wildfire on Greyday Records

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 86

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 85

1. Jukebox the Ghost: The Stars, Everything Under the Sun on Yep Roc
2. The R's: Call of the Ice, De Flora et Fauna on Nat Geo Music
3. Sunbears!: Give Love a Try, You Will Live Forever on New Granada Records
4. Kramies: Coal Miners Executive Club, The European EP on Hidden Shoal Records
5. Races: Big Broom, Big Broom EP on Frenchkiss Records
6. Fucked Up: I Hate Summer, self-released
7. Fonda: Better Days, Better Days EP on Minty Fresh Records
8. Gregory Scott Slay: Keep It Secret, Horsethief Beats on Communicating Vessels
9. Owen: I Believe, Ghost Town on Polyvinyl Records
10. Pterodactyl: School Glue, Spills Open on Brah
11. Los Campesinos!: By Your Hand, Hello Sadness on Arts & Crafts
12. The DO: Slippery Slope, Both Ways Open Jaws on Cinq7/Wagram Records
13. Tycho: Hours, Dive on Ghostly International
14. Mandolin Orange: Haste Make, Haste Make / Hard Hearted Stranger on Redeye Label
15. Honheehonee: A. Is for Animal, Shouts, self-released
16. Toy Bombs: Prairie Eye, Will Work for Free, self-released
17. Caveman: Old Friend, Coco Beware on Original Recordings Group
18. J Mascis: I've Been Thinking, Circles 7" on Sub Pop
19. Kris Orlowski: Way You Are, Warsaw EP, self-released
20. Treefight for Sunlight: Facing the Sun, A Collection of Vibrations for Your Skull on Friendly Fire Recordings
21. Korallreven: As Young as Yesterday, An Album of Korallreven on Acéphale/Hybris

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 85

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 84

1. Jonathan Coulton: Sucker Punch, Artificial Heart, self-released
2. Bear & Moose: I'm Back, Bear/Moose, self-released
3. Abbie Barrett and The Last Date: Draw Me In, The Triples: Volume 1, self-released
4. 200 Years: Solar System, 200 Years on Drag City
5. Luke Roberts: Unspotted Clothes, Big Bells and Dime Songs on Thrill Jockey
6. The Jezabels: Try Colour, Prisoner on Mom + Pop Records
7. Jennifer O'Connor: Running Start, I Want What You Want on Kiam Records
8. Keep Shelly in Athens: DIY, Our Own Dream EP on Forest Family
9. Al Tuck: Slapping the Make on You, Under Your Shadow on New Scotland Records
10. Cass McCombs: The Same Thing, Humor Risk on Domino Records
11. ARMS: Fleeced, Summer Skills, self-released
12. Built Like Alaska: Antique Love, In Troubled Times on Future Farmer
13. Atlas Sound: Terra Incognita, Parallax on 4AD
14. Quilt: Penobska Oakwalk, Quilt on Mexican Summer
15. Kurt Vile: The Creature, So Outta Reach EP on Matador
16. Oneohtrix Point Never: Replica, Replica on Software/Mexican Summer

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 84

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 83

1. Phantogram: Don't Move, Nightlife on Barsuk
2. Batwings Catwings: Radio, Radio 7" on Gravy Records
3. Girl in a Coma: Smart, Exist & All the Rest on Girlie Action
4. The Loom: For the Hooves That Gallop, and the Heels That March, Teeth! on Crossbill
5. Alpine White: When She Gets Home, The Hale EP, self-released
6. Fallon Cush: Disintegrate, Fallon Cush, self-released
7. Blouse: Videotapes, Blouse on Captured Tracks
8. Shelby Earl: Under Evergreen, Burn the Boats on Local 638 Records
9. The Dead Leaves: Harm, Cites on the Sea on Liberation Music
10. Grand Atlantic: Carved from Stone, Constellations, self-released
11. Jupe Jupe: Once Around the Sun, Reduction in Drag, self-released
12. Down With Webster: Royalty, Time to Win, Vol. 2 on Universal/Motown
13. Carter Tanton: Murderous Joy, Free Clouds on Western Vinyl
14. Robin Bacior: Ohio, Rest Our Wings on Convo Recordings
15. Rich Aucoin: It, We're All Dying to Live on Sonic
16. Punks on Mars: Hey! Tiffany, Hey! Tiffany 7" on Zoo Music

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 83

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 82

1. Will Currie & The Country French: Railroad, Awake, You Sleepers! on File Under: Music
2. Gauntlet Hair: Top Bunk, Gauntlet Hair on Dead Oceans
3. Richard Swift: Whitman, Walt Wolfman on Secretly Canadian
4. My Brightest Diamond: Reaching Through to the Other Side, All Things Will Unwind on Asthmatic Kitty
5. Brown Shoe: Colt Rider, The Gift Horse, self-released 
6. Library Voices: Generation Handclap, Summer of Lust on Dine Alone Records
7. T.W. Walsh: Make It Rhyme, Songs of Pain and Leisure on Graveface
8. Class Actress: Keep You, Rapprocher on Carpark Records
9. Sandro Perri: Love and Light, Impossible Spaces on Constellation Records
10. Deer Tick: Miss K, Divine Providence on Partisan Records
11. Spectrals: Big Baby, Bad Penny on Wichita Recordings
12. Real Estate: It's Real, Days on Domino Record Co.
13. A Classic Education: Baby, It's Fine, Call It Blazing on Lefse
14.  Andrew Bird: Hospital, Norman on Mom+Pop Records
15. The Beets: Doing as I Do, Let the Poison Out on Hardly Art
16. Turf War: Cheers to the Years, Years of Living Dangerously on Old Flame Records
17. Gospel Music: This Town Doesn't Have Enough Bars for Both of Us, How to Get to Heaven from Jacksonville, FL on Kill Rock Stars
18. Twerps: Dreamin', Twerps on Underwater Peoples
19. Still Corners: Cuckoo, Creatures of an Hour on Sub Pop
20. Kathryn Calder: Who Are You?, Bright and Vivid on File Under: Music
21. Sun Hotel: Talks, Gifts EP, self-released

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 82

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 81

1. Oberhofer: Gotta Go, Gotta Go/Mahwun 7" on White Iris
2. Cuff the Duke: Count on Me, Morning Comes on Paper Bag Records
3. Crooked Fingers: Typhoon, Breaks in the Armor on Merge
4. Talkdemonic: Revival, Ruins on Glacial Pace Recordings
5. Dreamers of the Ghetto: Tethers, Enemy/Lover on Temporary Residence Limited
6. PAPA: I Am the Lion King, A Good Woman Is Hard to Find EP on Hit City U.S.A./Psychedelic Judaism
7. Comet Gain: And Arcade From the Warm Rain That Falls, Howl of the Lonely Crowd on Fortuna Pop
8. The Morning Clouds: The Wrong Things, Wasted Youth Blues EP on Lefse Records
9. Rachael Yamagata: Starlight, Chesapeake on Frankenfish Records
10. Loney Dear: My Heart, Hall Music on Polyvinyl
11. Icebird: Going and Going. And Going, The Abandoned Lullaby on RJ's Electrical Connections
12. John Wesley Harding: Sing Your Own Song, The Sound of His Own Voice on Yep Roc Records
13. The Asteroid Shop: Dandelion, The Asteroid Shop on The Council
14. Siskiyou: Twigs and Stones, Keep Away the Dead on Constellation Records
15. Exitmusic: The Sea, From Silence EP on Secretly Canadian
16. Masters of the Hemisphere: Belushi, Maybe These Are the Breaks on Kindercore
17. Future Islands: Balance, On the Water on Thrill Jockey
18. Cosmo Jarvis: She Doesn't Mind, Is the World Strange or Am I Strange? on The End Records
19. The Moth and the Mirror: Lights in the Sky, Honestly, This World on Olive Grove Records
20. Color Radio: Quiet House, Architects on Mapless Records
21. Zola Jeus: Vessels, Conatus on Sacred Bones

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 81

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 80

1. Dum Dum Girls: Bedroom Eyes, Only in Dreams on Sub Pop
2. Elba: From a Sinking Ship, Elba, self-released
3. The Workhouse: The Whistler, The Coldroom Sessions on Hungry Audio
4. Sóley: I'll Drown, We Sink on Morr Music
5. Veronica Falls: Come on Over, Veronica Falls on Slumberland
6. Yukon Blonde: Fire, Fire/Water EP on Nevado Records
7. Nurses: Fever Dreams, Dracula on Dead Oceans
8. Halloween Alaska: Dance By Accident, All the Night Calls Came In on Amble Down
9. Megafaun: State/Meant, Megafaun on Hometapes
10. Big Troubles: Misery, Romantic Comedy on Slumberland
11. Waters: For the One, Out in the Light on TBD Records
12. Elliot Brood: If I Get Old, D ays Into Years on Paper Bag Records
13. Dan Mangan: Oh Fortune, Oh Fortune on Arts and Crafts
14. Young Man: Nothing, Ideas of Distance on Frenchkiss Records
15. Mekons: Space in Your Face, Ancient & Modern on Sin Record Label
16. The Gift: Race Is Long, Explode on La Foilie
17. Jens Lekman: An Argument with Myself, An Argument With Myself EP on Secretly Canadian
18. Caroline Smith & The Good Night Sleeps: Scholarships, Little Wind, self-released
19. Gem Club: Breakers, Breakers on Hardly Art
20. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: Same Mistake, Hysterical, self-released
21. Apparat: Ash/Black Veil, The Devil's Walk on Mute

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 80

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 79

1. Mates of State: Maracas, Mountaintops on Barsuk
2. Howling Bells: The Loudest Engine, The Loudest Engine on Cooking Vinyl
3. Argyle Johansen: Percocet Blues, Inner Demo(n)s EP, self-released
4. The Golden Seals: The Year Things Fell Apart, Increase the Sweetness on Zunior
5. Girls: Vomit, Father, Son, Holy Ghost on True Panther
6. Regina: Jos Et Sä Soita, Soita Mulle on Friendly Fire
7. Cuckoo Chaos: Just Ride It, Woman EP on Lefse Records
8. Lotus: The Surf, Lotus on SCI Fidelity
9. Toro Y Moi: Saturday Love, Freaking Out EP on Carpark
10. Ladytron: White Elephant, Gravity the Seducer on Nettwerk
11. Wild Flag: Romance, Wild Flag on Merge Records
12. Milagres: Glowing Mouth, Glowing Mouth on Kill Rock Stars
13. St. Vincent: Surgeon, Strange Mercy on 4AD
14. Shimmering Stars: I'm Gonna Try, Violent Hearts on Hardly Art
15. Neon Indian: Fallout, Era Extraña on Static Tongues
16. The Front Bottoms: Maps, The Front Bottoms on Bar/None
17. The Handcuffs: Miss You on Tuesday, Waiting for the Robot on OOFL Records
18. Gabriel Miller Phillips: Star-Crossed, One for the Crow, self-released
19. Memoryhouse: Modern, Normal, The Years EP on Sub Pop
20. Peter Wolf Crier: Right Away, Garden of Arms on Jagjaguwar
21. Wooden Shjips: Lazy Bones, West on Thrill Jockey

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 79

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 78

1. Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks: Senator, Mirror Traffic on Matador
2. Braid: The Right Time, Closer to Closed EP on Polyvinyl Records
3. Hercules and Love Affair: Painted Eyes, Blue Songs on Moshi Moshi
4. Cabin Dogs: Twilight, Midnight Trail, self-released
5. I Break Horses: Hearts, Hearts on Bella Union
6. Luke Temple: Ophelia, Don't Act Like You Don't Care on Western Vinyl
7. The Moor: Warm Winter, The Moor on Dilettante
8. Hotel Lights: Falling Down, Girl Graffiti on Bar/None
9. Balam Acab: Oh Why, Wander / Wonder on Tri Angle Records
10. Ganglians: Jungle, Still Living on Lefse Records
11. Big Eyes: Pretend to Care, Hard Life on Don Giovanni
12. The Chocolate Horse: Escape All Responsibility, Beasts on Stable Records
13. Zee Avi: Small Window, Ghostbird on Universal
14. Active Child: Hanging On, You Are All I See on Vagrant
15. Mirror Mirror: Interiors, Interiors on RVNG Intl.
16. Male Bonding: Bones, Endless Now on Sub Pop
17. The Lions: Groove (Scene #1), Iconoclastic Motion Picture Soundtrack /Pub Songs and Sing-a-Longs, self-released
18. Case Studies: The Eagle, or the Serpent, The World Is Just a Shape to Fill the Night on Sacred Bones
19. Stephin Merritt: Forever and a Day, Obscurities on Merge
20. Devon Williams: Your Sympathy, Euphoria on Slumberland
21. Vieo Abiungo: Treading Water, And the World Is Still Yawning on Lost Tribe

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 78

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 77

1. Boston Spaceships: Christmas Girl, Let It Beard on Guided By Voices, Inc.
2. The War on Drugs: Baby Missiles, Slave Ambient on Secretly Canadian
3. Prophets & Kings: Die to Rest, Prophets & Kings, self-released
4. Armand Margjeka: Momma, Margo-Margo, self-released
5. Sleeping Bag: Slime, Sleeping Bag on Joyful Noise
6. Fool's Gold: Street Clothes, Leave No Trace on IAMSOUND
7. Fruit Bats: Tangie and Ray, Tripper on Sub Pop
8. The Great Book of John: Let Me Slide, The Great Book of John on Communicating Vessels
9. Jim Ward: Broken Songs, Quiet In the Valley, On the Shores The End Begins & The Electric Six on Tembloroso Recordings
10. Letting Up Despite Great Faults: Teenage Tide, Paper Crush EP on Old Flame Records
11. Mister Heavenly: Pineapple Girl, Out of Love on Sub Pop
12. Gold Leaves: The Ornament, The Ornament on Hardly Art
13. Blood Orange: Sutphin Boulevard, Coastal Grooves on Domino
14. Mode Moderne: Real Goths, Real Goths 7" on Light Organ
15. Collections of Colonies of Bees: Lawn, Giving on Hometapes
16. Teen Daze: The Harvest, A Silent Planet EP on Waaga

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 77

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 76

1. Cuckoo Chaos: Jesus Flag American Fish, Jesus Flag American Fish 7" on Lefse Records
2. EDM: Stereo/Video, Night People on Western Vinyl
3. Star Anna and the Laughing Dogs: Alone in this Together, Alone in this Together on Local 638 Records
4. Meredith Bragg: Birds of North America, Nest on The Kora Records
5. Roadside Graves: Love Me More, We Can Take Care of Ourselves on Autumn Tone
6. Strong Killings: Annals of Animals, Strong Killings on Don't Stop Believin'
7. Umpire: Green Light District, Now We're Active on Hidden Shoal Recordings
8. Sun Airway: Wild Palms, Wild Palms 7" on Dead Oceans
9. Washed Out: You and I, Within and Without on Sub Pop/Weird World
10. Debbie Neigher: Evergreens, Debbie Neigher, self-released
11. Fair Ohs: Summer Lake, Everything Is Dancing on Lefse Records
12. Soft Metals: Psychic Driving, Soft Metals on Captured Tracks
13 .Little Horn: Bridges Break, Twelve on Whale Heart Records
14. Release the Sunbird: Always Like the Son, Come Back to Us on Brushfire Records
15. Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground: World's Entire, Introducing Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground on Suburban Records
16. Inc.: Swear, 3 EP on 4AD

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 76

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 75

1. The Fruit Tree Foundation: I Forgot the Fall, First Edition on Chemikal Underground
2. Celestial Shore: Place Aux Dames, Place Aux Dames 7" on Double Denim Records
3. Quiet Lights: Engine Down, The Big Fear EP on Old Flame Records
4. Blithe Field: Crushing, Two Hearted on Waaga Records
5. Memory Tapes: Today Is Our Life, Player Piano on Carpark/Something in Construction
6. Crystal Antlers: Two-Way Mirror, Crystal Antlers on Recreation LTD
7. Handsome Furs: What About Us, Sound Kapital on Sub Pop
8. The Express: Nobody Knows, The Express, self-released
9. Circuit des Yeux: 3311, Portrait on De Stijl
10. Superhumanoids: Mikelah, Mikelah 7" on White Iris
11. Eleanor Friedberger: My Mistakes, Last Summer on Merge Records
12. Pure X: Twisted Mirror, Pleasure on Acéphale
13. Gardens & Villa: Black Hills, Gardens & Villa on Secretly Canadian
14. Bon Iver: Calgary, Bon Iver on 4AD
15. Youth Lagoon: Cannons, The Year of Hibernation on Juno Beach Records
16. Clams Casino: Gorilla, Rainforest EP on Tri Angle

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 75

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 74

1. Liam Finn: The Struggle, FOMO on Yep Roc
2. Bearstronaut: Roger Was a Dancer, Satisfied Violence, self-released
3. Bobby: Sore Spores, Bobby on Partisan Records
4. Vetiver: Can't You Tell, The Errant Charm on Sub Pop
5. JEFF The Brotherhood: Diamond Way, We Are the Champions on Infinity Cat Records
6. Junior Boys: EP, It's All True on Domino
7. Niki and the Dove: The Fox, The Fox single on Sub Pop
8. Thee Oh Sees: I Need Seed, Castlemania on In The Red
9. Brice Randall Bickford: Songstress, Brice Randall Bickford on Trekky Records
10. Paleo: Holly Would, Fruit of the Spirit on Partisan Records
11. YACHT: Dystopia, Shangri-La on DFA Records
12. Painted Palms: All of Us, Canopy on Secretly Canadian
13. John Gold: Baby, It's Your Life, A Flower In Your Head on Vagrant Records
14. Marissa Nadler: The Sun Always Reminds Me of You, Marissa Nadler on Box of Cedar
15. The Chain Gang of 1974: Undercover, Wayward Fire on Modern Art
16. Cassettes Won't Listen: The Echoes, EVINSPACEY on Daylight Curfew

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 74

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 73

1. The Rosebuds: Woods, Loud Planes Fly Low on Merge Records
2. Seapony: Blue Star, Go With Me on Hardly Art
3. Idiot Glee: Let's Get Down Together, Paddywhack on Moshi Moshi
4. Mini Mansions: Kiddie Hypnogogia, Mini Mansions on Rekords Rekords/Domino
5. My Morning Jacket: Circuital, Circuital on ATO
6. Kids on a Crime Spree: Sweet Tooth, We Love You So Bad EP on Slumberland
7. EMA: Milkman, Past Life Martyred Saints on Souterrain Transmissions
8. Minus the Bear: Hold Me Down, Hold Me Down EP, self released
9. Mike Bloom: Til It's Over, King of Circles on Little Record Company
10. Night Moves: Horses, Colored Emotions on Afternoon Records
11. The Black Lips: Modern Art, Arabia Mountain on Vice Records
12. The Poison Control Center: Torpedoes on Tuesday, Stranger Ballet on Afternoon Records
13. Ford & Lopatin: Emergency Room, Channel Pressure on Software
14. The Ladybug Transistor: Clutching Stems, Clutching Stems on Merge Records
15. Fucked Up: The Other Shoe, David Comes to Life on Matador
16. Holy Other: Touch, With U EP on Tri Angle

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 73

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 72

1. Gold-Bears: Record Store, Are You Falling In Love? on Slumberland
2. Man Man: Life Fantastic, Life Fantastic on Anti Records
3. The Wilderness of Manitoba: Orono Park, When You Left the Fire on TinyOgre
4. Boy Friend: D'Arrest, Lovedropper 7" on Hell, Yes!
5. 13 & God: Old Age, Own Your Ghost on Anticon
6. White Denim: Drug, D on Downtown
7. Gang Gang Dance: Mindkilla, Eye Contact on 4AD
8. Cloud Control: Meditation Song #2 (Why, Oh Why), Bliss Release on Infectious Music
9. Amor de Días: Bunhill Fields, Street of the Love of Days on Merge
10. This Will Destroy You: Black Dunes, Tunnel Blanket on Suicide Squeeze
11. The Elected: Babyface, Bury Me In My Rings on Vagrant
12. Le Butcherettes: I'm Getting Sick of You, Sin Sin Sin on Rodriguez Lopez Productions
13. Thurston Moore: Benediction, Demolished Thoughts on Matador
14. Other Lives: Dustbowl III, Tamer Animals on White Iris Records
15. Art Brut: Lost Weekend, Brilliant! Tragic! on Cooking Vinyl
16. Mist: Twin Lanes, House on Spectrum Spools

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 72

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 71

1. The Sea and Cake: Up on the North Shore, The Moonlight Butterfly on Thrill Jockey
2. Help Stamp Out Loneliness: Record Shop, Help Stamp Out Loneliness on What It's At Is Where You Are
3. Pechenga: Gitaro, Helt Borte on Smalltown Supersound
4. Here We Go Magic: Hands in the Sky, The January EP on Secretly Canadian
5. Matt Pond PA: Love to Get Used, Spring Fools EP on Altitude
6. Okkervil River: Wake and Be Fine, I Am Very Far on Jagjaguwar
7. Phil Cook & His Feat: Hungry Mother Blues, Hungry Mother Blues on Trekky Records
8. Priestbird: Diamonds, Beachcombers on Benzod
9. Vandervelde: More Than You Can Feel, More Than You Can Feel single on Secretly Canadian
10. Love Inks: Blackeye, E.S.P. on Cityslang
11. Carl Barât: This Is the Song, Death Fires Burn at Night EP, self-released
12. Thao & Mirah:  Eleven (feat. tUnE-yArDs), Thao & Mirah on Kill Rock Stars
13. Architecture in Helsinki: Contact High, Moment Bends on Cooperative/Downtown/Modular
14. Pulseprogramming: First They Fire, Charade Is Gold on Audraglint
15. The Donkeys: Don't Know Who We Are, Born With Stripes on Dead Oceans
16. Fleet Foxes: Helplessness Blues, Helplessness Blues on Sub Pop
17. The People's Temple: Sons of Stone, Sons of Stone on Hozac Records

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 71

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 70

1. An Horse: Tracks and Trains, Walls on Mom and Pop Music
2. tUnE-yArDs: Bizness, w h o k i l l on 4AD
3. Sonny and The Sunsets: I Wanna Do It, Hit After Hit on Fat Possum
4. Julian Lynch: Terra, Terra on Underwater Peoples
5. Laura Stevenson and the Cans: Master of Art, Sit Resist on Don Giovani
6. Eternal Summers: Prisoner, Prisoner EP on Kanine/Forest Family Records
7. Jeniferever: To the Beat of Our Own Blood, Silesia on Monotreme
8. Family: Let It Rain, FAM002, self-released
9. David Kilgour and The Heavy Eights: Diamond Mine, Left by Soft on Merge Records
10. I'm From Barcelona: Get In Line, Forever Today on Mute Records
11. Lil Daggers: Slave Exchange, Lil Daggers on Livid Records
12. Helvetia: Arise, Pt. 1, On the Lam on The Static Cult
13. James Pants: Darlin', James Pants on Stones Throw
14. The Fresh and Onlys: Do You Believe in Destiny, Secret Walls EP on Sacred Bones
15. A Lull: Water & Beasts, Confetti on Mush Records/Something In Construction
16. TV on the Radio: Caffeinated Consciousness, Nine Types of Light on Interscope

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 70

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 69

1. The Feelies: Should Be Gone, Here Before on Bar/None
2. Family Portrait: Other Side, Family Portrait on Underwater Peoples
3. Gunnar Bjerk: Back Then, Back Then single on DFA
4. Alexander: Truth, Alexander on Rough Trade
5. By Surprise: Realometer, Mountain Smashers on Topshelf Records
6. We All Have Hooks for Hands: Girls, Girls EP on Afternoon Records
7. Vivian Girls: I Heard You Say, Share the Joy on Polyvinyl Records
8. Alela Diane: To Begin, Alela Diane & Wild Divine on Rough Trade
9. Bill Callahan: Baby's Breath, Apocalypse on Drag City
10. Scattered Trees: Love and Leave, Sympathy on Roll Call Records
11. Maritime: Paraphernalia, Human Hearts on Dangerbird Records
12. The Raveonettes: Forget That You're Young, Raven in the Grave on Vice Records
13. Panda Bear: Last Night at the Jetty, Tomboy on Paw Tracks
14. Little Scream: The Heron and the Fox, The Golden Record on Secretly Canadian
15. Cold Cave: The Great Pan Is Dead, Cherish the Light Years on Matador
16. Project Jenny, Project Jan: Nadine, Home Sweet Home, self-released

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 69

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 68

1. The Strokes*: Under Cover of Darkness, Angles on RCA
2. Obits*:You Gotta Lose, Moody, Standard and Poor on Sub Pop
3. Coma Cinema: Whatevering, Blue Suicide on Wonderbeard Tapes/Fork & Spoon
4. Spectre Folk: The Blackest Medicine, The Blackest Medicine Vol. II EP on Woodsist
5. Parts & Labor*: Constant Future, Constant Future on Jagjaguwar
6. Craft Spells*: You Should Close the Door, Idle Labor on Captured Tracks
7. Adventure*: Feels Like Heaven, Lesser Known on Carpark
8. Parenthetical Girls: The Pornographer, Privilege Pt. III: Mend and Make Do on Slender Means Society
9. Dirty Beaches*: Lord Knows Best, Badlands on Zoo Music
10. Peter Bjorn and John: Breaker Breaker, Gimme Some on Cooking Vinyl/Zoom 
11. Moon Duo*: Mazes, Mazes on Sacred Bones
12. Generationals*: Greenleaf, Actor-Caster on Park the Van
13. Seapony: Dreaming, Dreaming 7" on Hardly Art
14. The Mountain Goats: Damn These Vampires, All Eternals Deck on Merge
15. Memphis: I Want the Lights on After Dark, Here Comes a City on Arts & Crafts
16. DyE: Fantasy, TAKI 138 on Tigersushi

(* indicates this artist is playing at SXSW 2011)

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 68

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 67

1. Dum Dum Girls*: He Gets Me High, He Gets Me High EP on Sub Pop
2. Papercuts*: Do You Really Wanna Know, Fading Parade on Sub Pop
3. That Ghost: To Like You, Songs Out Here on Twosyllable
4. J Mascis*: Is It Done, Several Shades of Why on Sub Pop
5. The Dodos*: Don't Stop, No Color on Frenchkiss Records
6. Forbidden Friends: Tiny Hands, Tiny Hands 7" on Kill Rock Stars
7. Beach Fossils*: Calyer, What a Pleasure EP on Captured Tracks
8. Wolf People: Silbury Sands, Silbury Sands 7" on Jagjaguwar
9. Wye Oak*: Civilian, Civilian on City Slang
10. Those Dancing Days*: Fuckarias, Daydreams and Nightmares on Wichita Recordings
11. R.E.M.: Discoverer, Collapse Into Now on Warner Brothers
12. Kurt Vile*: Jesus Fever, Smoke Ring for My Halo on Matador
13. Apollo Brown: Time Passed Autumn, Clouds on Mello Music Group
14. Alameda: New Leaf, Seasons/Spectres on False Migration Records
15. The Rural Alberta Advantage*: Stamp, Departing on Saddle Creek/Paper Bag
16. Dam Mantle*: Movement, First Wave on Wichita Recordings

(* indicates this artist is playing at SXSW 2011)

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 67

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 66

1. The Dears:  Blood, Degeneration Street on Dangerbird Records
2. Chain and The Gang: Not Good Enough, Music's Not For Everyone on K Records
3. Echo Lake: Sunday Evening, Young Silence on No Pain in Pop
4. Malachai: Rainbows, Return to the Ugly Side on Domino Records
5. The Luyas: Too Beautiful to Work, Too Beautiful to Work on Dead Oceans
6. Toro Y Moi: Still Sound, Underneath the Pine on Carpark
7. The Cave Singers: Swim Club, No Witch on Jagjaguwar
8. The Caribbean: Mr. Let's Find Out, Discontinued Perfume on Hometapes
9. The Low Anthem: Ghost Woman Blues, Smart Flesh on Nonesuch
10. Bright Eyes: Shell Games, The People's Key on Saddle Creek
11. Tim Cohen: Don't Give Up, Magic Trick on Captured Tracks
12. Danielson: Grow Up, The Best of Gloucester County on Sounds Familyre
13. Banjo or Freakout: Go Ahead, Banjo or Freakout on Rare Book Room/Memphis Industries
14. Sister Crayon: I'm Still the Same Person, Bellow on Manimal Vinyl
15. The Twilight Singers: On the Corner, Dynamite Steps on Sub Pop
16. Yuck: Rubber, Yuck on Fat Possum

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 66

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 65

1. Telekenesis:  Car Crash, 12 Desperate Straight Lines on Merge Records
2. Junk Culture: Summer Friends, Summer Friends on Illegal Art
3. East River Pipe: Cold Ground, We Live in Rented Rooms on Merge
4. James Blake: The Wilhelm Scream, James Blake on A&M/Atlast
5. La Sera: Devil Hearts Grow Gold, La Sera on Hardly Art
6. Young Magic: You With Air, You With Air 7" on Carpark Records 
7. Akron/Family: So It Goes, Akron/Family II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT on Dead Oceans
8.Papercuts: Do What You Will, Do What You Will 7" on Sub Pop
9. Lost in the Trees: Tall Trees, Time Taunts Me on Trekky Records
10. USF: Point Break II, Jamaica Plain EP on Highfives and Handshakes
11. Mogwai: San Pedro, Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will on Sub Pop/Rock Action
12. The Babies: Run Me Over, The Babies on Shrimper
13. The Forms: Fire to the Ground, Derealization on Threespheres/Ernest Jenning Record Co.
14. Young Galaxy: Peripheral Visionaries, Shapeshifting on Paper Bag Records
15. Lifeguards: Paradise Is Not So Bad, Waving at the Astronauts on Serious Business Records/Ernest Jenning Record Co.
16. Win Win: Releaserpm (ft. Lizzie Bougatsos), Win Win on Vice Records

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 65

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 64

1. The Cloud Nothings: Understand at All, The Cloud Nothings on Wichita Recordings
2. Chikita Violenta: All I Need's a Little More, Tre3s on Arts and Crafts Records 
3. John Vanderslice: Sea Salt, White Wilderness on Dead Oceans
4. Ancient Kids: Crystal Family, Odd City, self-released (
5. Woodsman: Serfer, Rare Forms on Lefse
6. Apex Manor: Under the Gun, The Year of Magical Drinking on Merge Records
7. Bag Raiders: Shooting Stars, Bag Raiders on Modular
8. Destroyer: Chinatown, Kaputt on Merge Records
9. Papercranes: Synapses, Let's Make Babies in the Woods on Manimal Records
10. Iron and Wine: Tree by the River, Kiss Each Other Clean on Warner Brothers
11. Big Eyes: Why Can't I, Why Can't I single on Don Giovanni
12. Sic Alps: Do You Want to Give $$?, Napa Asylum on Drag City
13. Craft Spells: After the Moment, After the Moment single on Captured Tracks
14. Lia Ices: Daphne, Grown Unknown on Jagjaguwar
15. Talib Kweli: Cold Rain, Gutter Rainbows on Talibra/Duck Down Records
16. When Saints Go Machine: Fail Forever, Fail Forever EP on !K7

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 64

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 63

1. Broken Records: A Darkness Rises Up, Let Me Come Home on 4AD
2. Minks: Funeral Song, By the Hedge on Captured Tracks
3. Tennis: Take Me Somewhere, Cape Dory on Fat Possum
4. Daniel Martin Moore: Dark Road, In the Cool of the Day on Sub Pop
5. Braids: Plath Heart, Native Speaker on Kanine/Flemish Eye
6. The Decemberists: Down by the Water, The King Is Dead on Capitol Records
7. Tape Deck Mountain: P.I., Secret Serf EP on Lefse Records
8. Fergus & Geronimo: Powerful Lovin', Unlearn on Hardly Art
9. White Fence: Lilian (Won't You Play Drums?), Is Growing Faith on Woodsist
10. British Sea Power: Living Is So Easy, Valhalla Dancehall on Rough Trade
11. Wire: Two Minutes, Red Barked Tree on Pink Flag

Download OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 63

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 62

1. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart: The One, Heart in Your Heartache 7" on Fortuna Pop
2. Air Waves: Knockout, Dungeon Dots on Underwater Peoples
3. Birthmark: Fossil Record, Shaking Hands on Hidden Agenda
4. Sonny & The Sandwitches: Throw My Ashes from This Pier When I Die, Sonny & The Sandwitches EP on Endless Nest
5. Lonely Galaxy: Bible Truth Depot, EP2 EP on Transparent Records
6. Surf City: Kudos, Kudos on Fire Records
7. Butterflies:  Goodbye (Like a Stranger), Residual Child on Trekky Records
8. Banjo or Freakout: 105, 105 singleon Rare Book Room/Memphis Industries
9. Liz Janes: I Don't Believe, Say Goodbye on Asthmatic Kitty
10. Foxes in Fiction: School Night, Alberto EP Orchid Tapes
11. Unknown Mortal Orchestra: How Can U Luv Me, Unknown Mortal Orchestra EP on The Sounds of Sweet Nothing
12. Phone Tag: Let It Go, Look and Feel on American Sequences
13. Dent May: Holiday Face,
14. Keep Shelly in Athens:  Fokionos Negri Street, In Love With Dusk EP on Forest Family
15. Los Campesinos!: Kindle a Flame in Her Heart,
16. Dntel: After Parties, After Parties 1 EP on Sup Pop

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 61

1. Yuck: Georgia, Georgia single on Fat Possum Records
2. Club 8: Closer Now, Closer Now single on Labrador
3. Faun Fables: Parade, Light of a Vaster Dark on Drag City
4. Wolf Gang: Lions in Cages, Lions in Cages single on Atlantic
5. The Dead Trees: Back to L.A., Back to L.A. 7" on White Iris Records
6. La Sera: Never Come Around, Never Come Around 7" on Hardly Art
7. Spectrals: Chip a Tooth (Spoil a Smile), Spectrals Extended Play EP on Underwater Peoples
8. Bikini: A Cheerleader, RIP JDS EP on Lefse Records
9. Twin Shadow: Slow, Forget on 4AD
10. Stereolab: Sun Demon, Not Music on Drag City

Andrew McNair lives in Seattle. Aside from producing the OnlineRock podcast and writing record reviews, he spends his days helping people fix their broken internets at a local internet service provider.

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