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OnlineRock is pleased to offer the following columns and articles from our friends and partners in the music world.  These are real life experiences and "how to's" to help you make the most of your music. If you're interested in submitting an article, please email

Beginner's Guide to Getting Your Music on the Radio - "The albums we keep and play are ones that creep us out, make us dance, remind us of long drives, or tap into that rage we feel every time we check the clock at work and it still isn't 5 o'clock yet."

A Guide to the Music Business - As a business, the music industry requires many people of varying backgrounds, skill sets and talents to keep the musical machine running, and if you love music so much you want to spend most of your waking life immersed in it, then a career in the music industry might be for you.

Creating a Guitar Playing Style as Distinctive as You - At some point in your guitar-playing career, you'll want to start working on your own style. Naturally, you will have to get the basic guitar skills and strategies under control first. Can you imagine anyone not wanting to express themselves in a way that's uniquely "them"? If you want to really learn how to play guitar and sing, you will at some point need to do better than merely copy different guitarists' sounds.

How To Get An Endorsement - Free stuff! Everybody wants it. Getting free gear and being able to say “I endorse so and so” is a very interesting topic, and one that is often approached from the wrong angle with the wrong intentions that deliver the wrong results. Loren Weisman shares his views on what you need to do to get an endorsement and what not to do when approaching potential partners.

Gig and Tour Press Tips - I recently received a question from a musician who is having more than her fair share of problems obtaining print media coverage in areas where her band is touring.   Hopefully, my advice and ideas that I gave her can benefit you and your band as well should you experience similar difficulties with obtaining print media support for your gigs/tours.

Fan Email Marketing Made Easy - Using emails for online music marketing proves to be a very difficult task to master, but a very important one that every artist must master. Newsletters allow fans to stay connected with the artists without the added effort of returning to the artist’s site.

How To Sell *LOTS* Of Digital Downloads - This is more of a tip than an article, whereby, I want to show you how you can begin experiencing tremendous digital download sales in your own local area in only a week or less by Kenny Love.

Defining The True Artist - Remember, the true artist simply communicates from within. All other extraneous thoughts, influences and distractions need to fall by the wayside.

Mixing and Mastering - You’ve taken all the steps to ensure your CD presentation package look professional, attractive and irresistible enough for an A&R person to give your music a listen. In most cases, you only have one shot at this. Is there anything else that you might be overlooking?

How to Get Targeted Traffic To Your Music Website - Search engines are now giving more relevance to websites based on how their link is displayed on external sites, compared to any text residing on their own domain.

Professional Package - A poorly put together package wreaks of laziness - a trait that no artist can possibly expect to live with today by Chris Standring.

Song and Film - After being turned down by pretty much every film placement company, I decided to do it myself. I made more money than I did touring in a signed band for 5 years!

How and Why Major Labels and Independent Labels Work Together - Major labels and independent labels have a legacy of exposing and discovering all the great music of the last century, but the role these two types of record labels have played over the decades has changed as much as the music itself has changed.

The Business Plan: Road Map to Success - What’s In It and Why You Need One by John Stiernberg, the co-founder of Succeeding In Music, a multimedia publisher of business education tools for music industry professionals.

How Touring and Radio Work Together - Whether you are playing a tour yet or not, you should start with small market commercial regular rotation (or mix/specialty or college), and see what areas you are getting support from, and using that to book additional gigs.

Getting the Goods on Gigging - Preparation is key. It will allow you to perform stress free, and make the club owners happy

First Impressions - There are plenty of stories of demos that have simply been thrown away without a single listen based on the package alone by Ken Klar.

The Road To Artistic Greatness - Many artists may be technical experts. But at the end of the day, these are merely tools. Written by Chris Standring.

Songwriting 101 - This class will enhance your ability to create glorious musical masterpieces that heretofore have never been heard.

Finding Gigs Out of Town and Getting Booked - An excerpt from "STREET TEAM" a new music marketing strategy for indie artist by Chris Standring.

Capitalizing on High-Profile Gig$ - The next gig that you have, consider contacting a popular retail music store in the area, in the interest of adding more income to your opportunity.

Building a Fan Base - Who needs One and Why - by Ken Klar of Must Have Music.

Why hire a writer? (And how to do it.) - You know your press material and your web site content are important tools but expenses are tight. What should you do? by Jerry Karp.

Listen Up! -Top drummers sound off on session work and offer handy tips from Bruce Shutan original printed in Drum Magazine.

Hints On How To Submit Music For Review - Getting the attention of music reviewers can be almost as difficult as breaking into a bank by Jodi Krangle from the Muse's Muse.

What Songwriters Need to Succeed - Excerpt From "A Meeting of the Minds" Through their own real world experience, songwriters proceed to dissect what they need to succeed.

The Virtual Musicians’ Guide to Promoting Your Music - How to put together a promo kit and promote your music.

Guitar Lesson: Riff Building Using a Three Scale Progression - Our first guitar lesson from Billboard Magazine's top rated instructor, Scott Morris.

It's a Jungle Out There! - There are so many conflicting philosophies on the songwriter demo, that books have been written and wars nearly fought on the subject by Bob Angello reprinted from The Muse's Muse.

Custom Drums - Carving out an entrepreneurial niche in the competitive music business and world of drummers by Bruce Shutan.

The Inspiration to Go Further - Ken Kesey had quite an impact on American culture itself, and his influence ranged far beyond the narrow confines of the San Francisco music scene.

How To Sustain A Career In Music - What’s a rising star to do if he rejects the life of a 9-to-5er but can’t quite get his rock band out of the garage and into the limelight? By Bruce Shutan.

What You Need To Know When Manufacturing Your Compact Disc - You’ve made a CD, now you need to get it manufactured. Who do you trust with your precious project?

The Art of Networking - I suppose it is possible to become a successful musician ...Then again, it is always possible to win the lottery!

Newscasting and Music Promotion: Quick Hits for Quick results by David Nevue, reprinted from The Muse's Muse.

On-Line Auctions - Ten tips for bidding safely on your dream guitar by Jon Spear.

The New Model - The advent of music industry trade shows and festival ... has forever altered the landscape for bands"  See what you can do to get signed.

Promoting on the Web - The value of directories by Jodi Krangle, reprinted from The Muse's Muse.

Six Easy Steps To Writing Hit Lyrics - By Molly-Ann Leikin, Creativity Consultant, reprinted from The Muse's Muse.

Reality Check - While we all struggle with playing and writing... some musicians are struggling with problems of a much more diabolical nature.

How to become a Pop Star in 10 easy lessons - By Tor Hyams, reprinted from The Muse's Muse.

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