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Welcome to the OnlineRock Technology Department. Here, you’ll find information on some of the most current, innovative and practical technology available to musicians. Check back from time to time as we’ll be expanding our reviews and updating the section as new products become available.

Using Online Movies to Promote Your Music Career - Movies placed on your website, Facebook, or any number of online video sites can increase your exposure immensely and boost your career. But, maybe you think video is too complicated, expensive, or doesn’t provide a return on investment. Certainly, if you think of your band as a business —and you should if you want to make a living playing music — then return on investment is important.

Electric Guitar Clinic: Would you like single coils or humbuckers with that? - In this article we will take a look at some of the differences between Humbucking pickups and Single Coil pickups, both technically and tonally.

Mac vs. PC: Shootout at the DAW Corral - Whatever OS you are most comfortable with, whatever environment you can make stable and responsive to your particular needs, is the one you should use.

Light Pick Light Show - Where would the greatest guitarists in modern music be without their favorite tool, the guitar pick? Now the guitar pick is no longer just a tool, it's part of the show.

101 Guide on Buying Effects Pedals - Are you thinking about buying effects pedals for your guitar? In this article you'll learn about the different types of effects and how they work by Nikki O'Neill.

Line 6 Announces Bass PODXT Live-  The Bass PODXT Live is a multi-effect floor processor that provides premium bass tone and professional features in one rugged, stage-ready unit.

Variax Workbench -  A combination USB interface and software package that gives Variax 500 and 700 owners the tools to easily create and store custom guitar models.

Guitar Talk: The Stratocaster vs. The Les Paul - There are other guitars to be sure, but these are the primary weapons.

TrackNotes Product Review - The software has extensive reporting capabilities, including several different versions of track sheets.

The Question: Tube or Solid State? - The Virtual Musician tackles the age-old question as to what amplifier is best for you.

World's First Modeling Bass, Line 6 Varaix Bass 700 -  Instant access to 24 in-demand bass sounds ranging from vintage and modern instrument models to acoustic upright and synth.

Lyricist Product Review - Every trade has its tools and Lyricist quickly demonstrated itself to be an efficient and well-designed technological means to a creative end for songwriters.

nTrack Recording Software - You can record and playback a virtually unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks, depending on your computer’s speed.

Marching To The Beat Of E-Drums - Today’s electronic drums will fatten your chops, broaden your technique and lead to more imaginative playing, by Bruce Shutan.

The Roland VS-1680 - The Roland VS-1680 is a sixteen-track tabletop hard disk recording workstation that really should be called a recording "workhorse".

The Recording Studio - It can (and should!) be a very rewarding experience and it really is the best way to make your songs sound just like you hear them in your head.

Controlling Feedback -Do feedback problems hinder your live sound?  Here are a couple of solutions from Richard DeMartini.

The Crossroads - Is the Internet music revolution is over or is the Internet music revolution just beginning?

The Pod - A guitar amplifier simulator/cabinet simulator/effects wrapped in one neat package reviewed by Chris Gieseke.

Cakewalk Home Studio 8 - There's no easier way to turn your PC into a home recording studio.

Finding Your Sound - The eye that seeks the flower in the garden never finds it but you can with the help of the Virtual Musician

TablEdit - If you’ve always thought there has to be an easier way to write songs... It’s called TablEdit

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