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Apollo Up!
Chariots of Fire
Theory 8

From the first notes of “Walk the Plank,” the opening tune on Apollo Up!’s album Chariots of Fire, listeners might feel as if they’ve traveled back in time to the days when New Wave was first crossing the pond.  The trio pounds out up-tempo beats (drums are brought to fore in the mix) that, at times, verge on ska-like rhythms.  Lead singer and guitarist Jay Leo’s vocals are spirited and in-your-face, vocals that elicit a similar sound and energy to those of a young Elvis Costello or Graham Parker. 

The twangy guitar leads and complex musical structures are likewise compelling, as are Leo’s lyrics, such as I’ve already signed several of your confessions/Your remedial math and grammar lessons from “No Song,” and In drawer #3, and filed under “C,” was an archive of compromises/Cross reference with debts, footnotes and regrets: a history of none-the-wiser from the opening of “Even If You Don’t Die.”  Chariots of Fire is a fun album from start to finish and showcases Apollo Up!’s flair for catchy songwriting, heady material and bursts of musical energy.   

Favorite Track: Track 10, “Plans” 

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