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Charlotte Kendrick
North of New York
Wondermore Records
June 2007

When did it stop being okay for music to just be pretty? When did we stop being moved by a sweet voice backed by a clear-singing guitar? Charlotte Kendrick’s newest album North of New York gives us that prettiness back. She sings about maintaining relationships, wondering about motherhood – all that day-to-day real stuff that most people never think to glorify in song. The people in her songs aren’t glamorous, just ordinary. “I want to thank you for all the little things you do, like taking me out for brunch and ordering an omelet so that I can have a bite but still have my waffles too,” she sings in “Thank You.” Like those little moments she sings about, Kendrick’s music is quiet and unsurprising, but so clean and familiar that it makes you smile in recognition. This music feels like a friend.

Listen to North of New York when you’re baking, driving the dog to the vet, or when you just need something fun to sing along with.

Favorite Track: “Yellow”

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