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David DeMordaunt
Blackbird’s Lullaby

David DeMordaunt explores nearly every avenue of progressive rock on his second album, Blackbird’s Lullaby.  While his excellent guitar work has a thoroughly modern sound, many of the tunes follow the sweeping mystical path for which many 1970’s British prog rockers were noted.  And they’re often quite complex, with many swift changes and differing time signatures.  On the album DeMordaunt is joined by drummer Mac Leckrone and a host of guest musicians.

DeMordaunt’s musical palette is expansive, and his axemanship is compelling regardless of style.  Some tracks feature harder rock tones while others are jazzier.  “Return of the Green Faerie,” for instance, is like a psychedelic journey of jazz fusion that melodically noodles into every space of one’s imagination.  DeMordaunt’s voice isn’t as dynamic as his guitar playing and occasionally falls a little flat.  It sounds nearly pitch perfect, however, on the eerie, Eastern-sounding “Left Hand Path.”

Favorite Track: Track 7, “Wet Work”

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