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Michael DeMontagnes
Walls Tumbling
Jafzi Records
September 25, 2002

Looking right at the cover you would have no idea what’s inside. Hit play, and you are immediately surprised by the quality of arrangement and production. Michael’s voice sounds well trained and very mature for his seemingly young age. However, what you then realize as he starts singing is the vocal style and arrangements are definitely not complimentary to each other. Individually they are very strong, but this is like mixing beer with cereal. Just doesn’t work. Now, take a listen to the second track. Remember the sound effect that Cher brought into the market a couple years ago? Yeah, the one where she uses a digital pitch correction device to act almost like a vocoder? Okay, well Michael abuses the tool on the second track.

Now, if Michael had more soul, more edge, and more originality in his vocals and tried to match the arrangements it would be a great album. OR…it could be looked at from the other direction. If the producer/arranger took Michael’s voice into consideration a little more seriously and maybe incorporated more classical styles, strings, acoustical instruments, it would work. By the time you get the fourth track, if you make it, you realize a very good attempt at a remix was done of the first track, “Walls Tumbling.” This album was a great project and a lot of fun, I am sure. I can sense the amount of work that went behind it. For that I will shake your hand. But, please try again…

Favorite Track: 4, “Walls Tumbling (dance remix)”

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Erik Beyer is a trained musician, performer, songwriter, arranger, and self-taught businessman. After spending five years in the Army Band he moved back to Portland, OR and began designing sound systems and marketing pro audio gear. He later was hired to book for a local Portland venue, putting bands on stage seven nights a week where he reviewed all CDs submitted. In 1998 he formed Beyer Sound Productions with a goal to serve musicians.

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