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Blue Sky Objective
Lens Records

I’m no aficionado of electronic music to say the least. I mean, my personal album collections concerning only consists of the genre’s forbearers Gary Numan, Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk (if those bands even count).  So I wasn’t sure I’d review the full-length album debut by Emulsion called Blue Sky Objective.  That is, until I gave it a listen.

Emulsion is the brainchild of Nathan Koch, and he has the gift every musician covets, the ability to craft compelling music.  The tracks on Blue Sky Objective are simply eight-bit digital sound compositions with techno beats, yet they convey a musical and emotive landscape like the most riveting soundtrack. And the melodies are quite catchy.  Another part of the listening fun comes from the song titles—“Smeared Bus Window,” “Balloons and Centipedes,” and “All Robots on Sale,” among them—which paint unusually detailed images in the listener’s mind with which to accompany the music. 

Favorite Track: Track  3, “Smeared Bus Window”

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