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In the Clear

Ivy is a New York City-based band that features former Parisian Dominique Durand’s seductive vocals against a backdrop of melodic rock sound that’s sometimes atmospheric and ethereal, other times pop-centric and techno dance. A few of the songs, like Tess Don’t Tell and I’ve Got You Memorized conjure up the pop smarts and sensibilities of Suzanne Vega at her best.

The ten tracks here offer a varied range between light pop synth and dark brooding shoegazer sounds. In the Clear is the kind of album that immediately strikes a chord (literarily and figuratively), and holds up well upon repeated listens. Durand’s voice is irresistible, and the catchy tunes on the album are sure to please long-time Ivy fans while turning the band on to new listeners.

Favorite Track: Track 9, “Ocean City Girl”

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