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Kaiser Chiefs

Tap the keg and get ready to dance. The first album by the Kaiser Chiefs is out and creating waves for very good reason. Their slightly retro ska/new wave sound evokes memories of their British brethren The English Beat and The Jam, and even bands on this side of the pond, like Oingo Boingo. From the first track, Everyday I Love You Less and Less, a power pop number about a forlorn ex-boyfriend’s wishful thinking, the band often keeps the beat fast and furious.

There are a few slower melodies and ballad-like moments as well, such as Have It All, that give a listener’s ears room to breathe (or hear, really). Listening to the album in its entirety elicits comparisons to many of rock’s popular bands of the late 70s and 80s, which is somewhat of a blessing and a curse as the Kaiser Chiefs find their own definitive sound. In the meanwhile, however, Employment is an impressive debut and an album worth playing loud and often.

Favorite Track: Track 2, “I Predict a Riot”

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