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Karen Jacobsen
Kissing Someone Else
Kurly Queen

Listening to Kissing Someone Else, the new album from Karen Jacobsen, feels like sneaking into a Starbucks for something sugary – a venti half-whip cinna-cino, say. It’s a guilty pleasure: the rough edges are rounded off, and you know exactly what you’re going to get, and your indie friends will sneer at you, but somehow you just can’t help yourself. It’s delicious. It’s...pretty, darn it.

Jacobsen’s voice is light and fluffy, like angel food cake, if angel food cake could sing. She twinkles along through the upper registers in a series of catchy little tunes that make you twirl around while you listen. (And if you happen to be washing dishes while you’re listening, with the soapy hands and the fragile plates and the repeated twirling, let me just tell you now: bad idea.)

“Every day I wake up in my bed, I think about what people might think of me, I get up, make my first cup of tea,” Jacobsen sings in “Merry Go Round.” Like an early morning cup of tea, this album is sweet, wholesome and restful. Play it when you’re falling in love, feeling nostalgic, or driving around with your girlfriends. (But wait until the dishes are done.)

Favorite Track: Track 2, “So Fast”

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Kris Larson works as a freelance journalist in San Francisco. She has a degree in English Literature from San Francisco State but has so far managed to remain out of the food service industry. You can visit her website at
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