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Lake Trout
Not Them, You
Palm Pictures
Lake Trout’s album, Another One Lost, earned them critical praise and put them at least on the radar fringes of popular music. This Baltimore-based band’s follow up, Not Them, You, continues their free-form, yet tightly honed sound with 16 tracks of highly robust rock musical explorations. While they elicit comparisons to Radiohead, Lake Trout, at its best, is even more innovative and technically accomplished.

The tunes feature the fully charged drumming of Mike Lowry that propels the more adventurous songs from start to finish. Though, in typical Lake Trout fashion, none of these songs would be considered conventional, “If I can” and “Now We Know” among others seem certainly capable of garnering radio play. This album is as close as they come to a sure thing for progressively minded listeners.

Favorite Track: Track 2, “Pill”

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