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Michael Cole
All My Words
Self Released

All My Words is a quick dip into the gene pool of jangly college pop rock: undeniably catchy melodies, eclectic arrangements and a free-flowing, feel-good attitude that permeates every sing-song chorus and frantic conga pulsation. Unfortunately it’s this compilation of previously explored aesthetics that eventually leave the listener wanting more.

Michael Cole establishes himself early on as a formidable melodic sculptor,  the feverish electric guitar of “Simple Magic” ebbs and weaves within a simple rhythmic structure, tiny melodies spilling out at every stanza. “What We Do” is a poppy, early-twenties slacker anthem: a lax protagonist reminiscing about wasted weekends and slow afternoons of non-commitment. It’s the standout track where Cole production feels as organic as the melody – the joy of a kid playing guitar for his friends. But elsewhere this same mindset limits the power of All My Words.

“Liars Follow Gold” sounds like some struggling open mic night performance, with Cole receding to a nasally whine (an unfortunate recurrence throughout the disc) and sub-high-school-poetry attempts at pale political POV. It’s hard to imagine anyone but the most wasted frat philosopher really “feeling” a couplet like, “They say war is the answer/ I say war is the cancer.” Cole continues to condemn the populous for believing everything they see on TV, but in the post-9/11 world of Fox News misinformation such a trite attack feels like pure stupidity. “Darkside” vanquishes some beautiful pseudo-flamenco guitar work into the realm of force-fed copycatting, as Cole’s anonymous melodies feel like rote remembrances from Top 40 Radio. These endlessly familiar songs could also use a little spicing up in the title department: muddled names like “I Want To Know,” “Deeper Things” and “Serenade” hardly evoke originality.

Overall, All My Words leaves the impression of a warm-up act, a series of potentials never quite fulfilled. But Cole is already back in the studio working on a release slated for late-2007and if he can retain his ear for visceral melody and manage to jettison a few of those open mic night tendencies, he just might have a college rock behemoth on his hands.

Favorite Track: Track 8, "What We Do”

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