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New Machine
Welcome to Metropolis

The New Machines hail from Ohio and their new album, Welcome to Metropolis, features a jazzy, laid-back rock vibe that’s fun and hip.  Sam Krall’s saxophone playing is an integral part of their sound and the band might remind listeners of Morphine, though New Machines’ music is also laden with guitar parts that really get rhythmic and rocking, jamming at times, but always with the proper restraint. 

The album’s production is decent, if flat and somewhat across the map, as a few of the tracks was recorded live.  The album’s opener, “Outta My Skin,” is a quirky styling reminiscent of something David Byrne might write.  Many of the other tunes are a bit eclectic, but also catchy, such as “Little Girl, Big Head.”

Favorite Track: Track 10, “Pillhead”

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