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Ignite the Fuse
Best Coast Records

Nuffsed is a reggae band from Seattle, seven members strong, with a fresh accessible sound that’s upbeat and almost poppy—in the same ballpark as British Reggae bands Steel Pulse and UB40.  Their latest album, Ignite the Fuse, contains 17 tracks of high-energy vocals and spirited playing, including a few dub tracks to close the album. 

Interestingly, Nuffsed’s provocative lyrics tend to take the protest medium of Reggae and infuse it with a little ‘tude, the kind more reminiscent of hip-hop music and punk rock.  Most of the songs feature three separate vocalists coming from all sides: leads, chants, raps, calls and response. The tough rebel calls for uprising are backed by a spirited ensemble, with keyboards and the occasional horns getting prominent feature alongside the upstroke beats of guitar and the irie vibes of the band’s rhythm section.

Favorite Track: Track 11, “Rain”

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