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Papa Roach - Time for Annihilation...On The Record & On The Road CD Review Artist:
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Papa Roach
Time for Annihilation...On The Record & On The Road
Eleven Seven Music
August 31, 2010
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It's BOLD, SLEEZY, and has pure ROCK N' ROLL written all over it. Papa Roach's combo of an album, "Time For Annihilation....On the Record & On the Road" captures the band at their breaking point in their seventeen year swagger, of a career. The 5 plus 9 track factor combines 5 new solid progressive tunes with a 9-song live set that recreates why rock music was born in the first place. The more noticeable tunes included during the live segment has such hits as; ”Getting Away With Murder”, “Hollywood Whore”, “Forever”, “Last Resort”, and “Scars.” Whereas the new material includes; "Burn", and "Kicked in the Teeth".

Papa Roach clearly wanted to mix it up and they've done that in this uniquely blended listening experience. Jacoby screams and shouts thoroughly through layering an anthem of chorus lines with quality lyrics that just jab you all over. This release is a cross breed between what rock was and what it has become and will forever remain. Because if you haven't heard of Papa Roach by now then you haven't gotten a clue as to what you just got yourself into. You have been warned, gutted, and well nourished as to all things rock!


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Reviewer Bio - Natalie Perez has an Entertainment/Music Journalist for eight years and have gained experience within the music industry interacting with local Los Angeles artists/bands and the labels they're a part of.

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