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Straight Dope Cherry
Bellbottom Baby
WineGrog Music/Junction Records

When a band calls itself Straight Dope Cherry and releases an album titled Bellbottom Baby with tunes like “Pfunky Chunk,” “Grams of Fun” and “Green Machine,” well you might have a hunch about their sound before hearing the first note. But while there’s an undeniable jam-based stoner element to Straight Dope Cherry’s music, their playing is rather disciplined and they adhere closely and admirably to their late ‘60’s/early 70’s rock influences.

On Bellbottom Baby Straight Dope Cherry blends danceable beats and rhythms which, at times, incorporate hints of island reggae, funk, acid rock and good ol’ boogie woogie.  Overall, the album, though recorded in the studio, suggests the vibrant spirit of the band and its music might be especially appreciated in live performance settings.

Favorite Track: Track 2, “Alpha Ram”

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