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Theo Eastwind
The O
Mia Minds Music/Select Bands Entertainment

Theo Eastwind is a talent NYC songwriter, whom—according to lore (and Eastwind’s press kit) Johnny Cash told “You’re going places.”  The Man in Black was an astute observer of talent, of course, and Eastwind proves it on his new album, The O, which, I didn’t realize until now was Eastwind’s proper name (I was thinking something more orgasmic…). 

Nearly every one of these songs is compelling in its own right, and though their styles vary, the bulk of the tunes carry a cool, Jack Johnson-like aesthetic. The recording and production is clean and bright, with Eastwind’s vocals are thrust into the front of the mix. His gravelly voice is rather captivating—usually his singing evokes that of Dave Matthews, but a few songs bring to mind the power ballad voice of Ozzy. Lyrically, the songs are a cut above most of today’s fare, and, musically, they’re far beyond. 

Favorite Track: Track 9, “Smoke”

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