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Skunk Anansie
September 13, 2010
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The age of reunions is upon us and some acts seem to have broken up for a reason, while others make us question why they went away at all. Skunk Anansie should have never left. Their talents soared then and they have raged forth from a thirteen year slumber with the best album of 2010, Wonderlustre. From the opening vocal melody of “God Loves Only,” Skin begins the characteristic build of Skunk Anansie which is so captivating and magnificent. Her silky smooth voice over a tasteful arpeggio slowly climbs to the peak of passion with a perfectly balanced attack from the bass and drums only to break down and rebuild again. You can feel the passion of Skin in every note, properly back in place in front of Ace on guitar, Cass on Bass, and Mark Richardson on drums. These creative minds gel magnificently to create the perfect balance of tempo, melody, funk, spirit, and passion. The listener would be hard pressed to sit still during Wonderlustre or tio turn it off before the album ends. The album twists and turns with creative rhythms, infectious melodies, impeccable performances, and a dynamically refined recording.

Each piece of this puzzle fits perfectly musically and this does not begin to mention the artistry of the presentation. Skin has become a sought after model in Europe, their videos blend efficient cost with violence (“My Ugly Boy”) or display the unbridled passion of the Skunk Anansie live experience including Skin’s boisterous make-up and costumes that have a life of their own. Even down to the distinct color scheme, Skunk Anansie presents the full package through an innovative promotional plan and they have been touring non-stop throughout Europe since the album’s release. Those who have never heard Skunk Anansie will be drawn to them with Wonderlustre, those who missed them all these years will rejoice in their return. This is an addicting album which will shine for many years to come.

Best Track: "It Doesn't Matter"

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Reviewer Bio - David Isaacs is a musician, accomplished classical guitarist and avid music fan of many genres and styles, ranging from Indie, Goth, Metal to Classical. Living in Long Beach, CA with wife Chelsea, together they form Chanson du Soir.

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