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The runner-up of the OnlineRock writing contest, Chris Roseberry of tells a tale of finding a "perfect" rehearsal space.

Natural Reverb

As a native West Virginian who refused to work at a factory, I moved to the fast growing DC area to find work as a laborer. After several tragic living situations I found myself living in the upstairs bedroom of a raging drunk who offered me the place at a price I could afford. The problem was that he would be thrown into a rage whenever he heard me rehearsing and writing my music. Out of desperation and the need to sing, I would take my portable stereo to one of the huge construction sites after work hours, climb into one of the large dumpsters, (the kind that would be pulled by an 18 wheeler), close the door to a crack, kick on the stereo, and wail to my "Twisted Sister" tapes to my hearts content. Several times the police would drive out to the sites answering complaints that must have sounded crazy. "Yes, I would like to report someone out in the field near my house who is screaming like they are being stabbed". When I saw the lights approaching I would just pull the door closed and wait till they left then start up again.

This went on for a few weeks and it definitely got me by until I was in a bad car wreck and was forced to move back home with my parents to recuperate. Nowadays when I think back about this, I could imagine steel dumpster must have acted like a huge speaker that projected the noise into the nearby housing developments with all its wonderful natural reverb. All I can say is I promise never to do it again, unless I have to, of course.

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