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OnlineRock is back! The past few months have been a little hectic as we've been working to get things back online. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. During this time we have put new servers and a new software system into place. We will continue to offer many of the same services as we did before with a few changes that I will outline below. Our regular writers and columnists, including OnlineRock's own Virtual Musician will still provide their insights and opinions. We will also continue to profile bands and feature songs in MP3 format.

Our New Software:
The new Web building software now integrates Web based e-mail along with your Web site. Your email address is the same as your user name ( We have moved all of your files to the new servers and your Web address will be the same as before. Unfortunately you will not be able to edit your old pages with the new software and links to your counters and guest books will no longer work. You can edit the pages using good old HTML. We have provided a HTML editor when you log in. The good news is that the new software is much more robust and has many features, including logs, forms, guest books, tables and sub-directories to make professional looking Web sites. After using the new software, you won't miss the older version.

If you've used the older version of our email system and had a different user name then your Web site, you can check it by clicking here. You can view all your old mail but you can not send or receive it from the old system. We recommend that you sign up for an account using our new system.

Our Future:
During the time that our services were off-line, many things have changed in both Internet services and online music. We needed to figure a way to move forward. One that benefits both our users and OnlineRock as a company. We will need your help.

In the next few months we will implement a number of services and programs that will help us reach these goals. In many cases, this will involve doing what you, as a practicing musician already do. We ask that you use our links to buy any gear or music supplies that you would normally buy. I'd never buy a guitar without playing it first, but standard items such as mics, strings, cables and recording equipment can all be purchased through OnlineRock's affiliation with Musician's Friend. We also ask that you support our sponsors.

We will also be expanding our Web services by offering FTP access, sub-domain names and larger Web accounts all for a small monthly fee. Our Digital Music Store will be revamped to include CD fulfillment services in conjunction with downloadable music sales. For now, the store is off-line. Then, later this year, we will announce OnlineRock Records, a small independent label for musicians of all sizes.

Contact Us:
OnlineRock appreciates your patience and understanding during this transition. We feel that in the long run we will be able to provide much better products and services to all of our members. Please note that our User's Agreement and Privacy Statement have changed. We recommend that you read them. If you have any questions or comments, please send them directly to me at


Steven Beck
Founder & President
OnlineRock, Inc.

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