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Location: Bakersfield, California
Members: " T " - guitar/vox
"Bam Bam" - drums/vox
"M.G.D." - guitar/vox
Steven Scott - bass
and various other wonderful people that jam with us!
About: A hard groove thumpin' party band from Bakersfield, CA that all people should know about! Music style: Jungle Groove Rock Ska Reggae Funk and whatever other label you can come up with!

Countless number of radio spots, news appearances, and newspaper articles:

"The alterna, rock, ska, reggae, funk, groove masters...a must do"
-The Bakersfield Californian

"What do you get when you cross the music of Buck Owens with Corn....woops KORN??? Could it be, BEE-OH-BEE? The self appointed "wackiest band in the land"...There is NO disputing that they are serious musicians who play what they want, and love what they play..And to bring so many styles together as successfully as they have probably proves one thing more than ANY THING else: this is music for music lovers,by guys who know what they're doing"
-The HUB...2000

"Last words---They're Professional. They're tight. They're ORIGINAL.They blew us away. W-O-W...If you have'nt seen BEE-OH-BEE, you're probably missing out on a little bit of Bakersfield history-in-the-making.

"I love this cross between POWER ! POP & SKA! BEE-OH-BEE has ALL the right stuff! No need to ...babble on.... about this! HIT & DOWNLOAD! Super Duper power breaks bring this one right into your Face!"
- E111 power pop radio
Equipment: None listed
Recordings: None Listed
Free MP3 or Video: None Listed Click Here for other free MP3 Downloads
Influences: anybody who plays from the heart

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