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The Everyday Visuals

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Location: Boston, MA
Joseph Seiders
Kyle Fredrickson
Eli Scheer
Christopher Pappas
Though the name The Everyday Visuals was settled on much later, the band actually began with two high school friends some years ago in an attic in New Hampshire. Christopher Pappas (songwriter/guitars/vocals) met Joe Seiders (drums/vocals) and took no time at all to decide on one goal: to make music that made them happy.  "We were pretty focused right from the start, more than our peers," recalls Pappas. "We were dedicated to do whatever it took to have people listen to us, to play a better show, to write a better song, to be better singers – we always wanted to be the best we could be."

The two friends recruited Kyle Fredrickson to pick up lead guitar duties, and set off to record their first full-length record. Playing all the instruments on the record, with Pappas taking on bass duties, the trio recorded their debut album, Media Crush completely by themselves in a house in New Hampshire.  The record propelled the young group to instant notoriety in NH and beyond. Critics raved at Pappas’ intrinsic knack for crafting a melody; his ability to unite instantly accessible pop hooks with the kind of meaningful songwriting that has the gravity and depth to stay with you long after you hear it. The Everyday Visuals also started to earn the reputation for being the best live band around – not only could these kids play, these kids could sing. They were voted “Best Band in NH” by NH Magazine, and made many top ten “Record of the Year” lists in local publications including The Boston Metro.

What started as perhaps a typical story - two friends with a vision to make music for the rest of their lives - seems to have carved a not-so-typical path for these friends. Enthralling critics, winning accolades, selling out venues, and collecting fans – perhaps it all rests on that old mantra they started off with. "We still, to this day, are never satisfied," notes Pappas. "Every show we play only makes us hungrier to play another, every song I write, leads me to search for a better one.  I think that’s why we are able to connect so well to our audience." He continues, "That desperation in our voices, in our songs, in our playing, is real.  It’s us, calling out for you to listen, for you to sing with us.  People see that we are still just those same kids from NH who are happiest when they are singing and playing music."

Guitars, Bass, Drum, Keys, Samples
Recordings: 2004: Media Crush
2007: Things Will Look Up
2009: Self Titled
Free MP3 or Video:
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; The Beatles; and The Beach Boys

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