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After One

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Location: USA
Members: Andy-guitar

his gritty pub-rock outfit runs on a diet of American blues, 70's rock, and grit. They play loud. Since the band formed in 2008, these guys have been named the 'A Phoenix Icon' by Village Voice Media, and Phoenix New Times' Martin Cizmar said their album 'Greater Aspirations, Lowered Expectations' was the best local album in 2010. Their song "Giggles," which sounds like a toy piano blaring through swinging saloon doors, is the theme song for Phoenix's sketch comedy show, First Friday Night Live

What others have said about The Hooves:

"...the band aims to make each show a reflection of that "good time" spirit.." - Jason P Woodbury, of the Phoenix New Times

"If fun had a sound track this would be it. The keys, the trumpet, the unison singing, the vibrato in the sing-it-like-you-mean it vocals push you way past go. The drums crave to be danced to. The songs are catchy with lots of fun surprises like trumpets, changing up the guitar or keyboard half way through the song. Its drinking music for those who like to yell and dance at the same time... so let? see. Man Man and Tapes ? Tapes are line dancing at a college hoe down chaperoned by The Rolling Stones; when all of a sudden Neutral Milk Hotel jumps in with the fruits (PBR) of a much anticipated beer run." - DJ Nico, Anjali Records

Equipment: Gibson 73 Les Paul Custom, 72 Telecaster Deluxe, Gibson EB0 Bass, 72 Ludwig kit, Fender Rhodes, Korg Triton, and some trumpet

Hooves/Treasure Mammal split
(April 2011)

Hooves- We're all friends
(Feb 2011)

Hooves- Greater Aspirations, Lowered Expectations
(May 2010)

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