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Marissa Nadler

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Location: Boston, MA
Marissa Nadler along with the starry musical guests including longtime collaborator Myles Baer, Simone Pace (Blonde Redhead), and Dave Scher (Farmer Dave).
A master of creating rich dreamscape atmospheres, Nadler’s voice shines and glides even more with a full band accompanying her. Produced by Chris Coady, the starry musical guests include longtime collaborator Myles Baer, Simone Pace (Blonde Redhead), and Dave Scher (Farmer Dave). Few contemporary artists can match the stunning ride of Marissa's reverb vocals that are a journey into themselves on every rose tinged track. Little Hells displays a brighter leap in musical maturity and attention to detail, as the fantasmagoric sounds delve into melancholy nuggets, sometimes erotic, sometimes gutting, but filled with a gorgeous sense of serene hope more so than previous album, Songs III: Bird on the Water.

Building on her hazy sonic foundations, Nadler ventures into territory as varied as the Brill Building-tinged pulse of “Mary Come Alive” and the title track’s old-time country loam -- a trek that’s both breathtakingly scenic and psychically compelling.

Sadness can be found in the undercurrents of Little Hells, to be sure. But there are just as many moments of serene reflection and quiet contentment in pleasures as simple as the warmth of the sun or the scent of flowers -- the latter of which permeates several of the new album’s offerings. That mixing of tones affords Little Hells both delicacy and strength -- a balance that, it might be said, exists in Marissa Nadler herself.

Guitars, Keys
Recordings: Little Hells
Songs III: Bird on the Water
The Saga of Mayflower May
Ballads of Living and Dying
Free MP3 or Video: River of Dirt
"She brings a limpid soprano voice to ballad melodies, and she often uses the serene fingerpicking that the 1960s folkies learned from Elizabeth Cotten’s version of “Freight Train.” But both her voice and her guitar were surrounded in otherworldly reverb, a long way from Appalachia." -- Jon Pareles, NY Times

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