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Mini Mansions

Valencia Artist Profile

Web Site: Band: Mini Mansions

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Members: Michael Shuman: vocals, keyboards, guitar, drums
Zach Dawes: vocals, bass, keyboards
Tyler Parkford: vocals, keyboard, guitar

Based out of Los Angeles, Mini Mansions was born when current Queens of the Stone Age bass player Michael Shuman was on break from QOTSA after their tour for 2007's Era Vulgaris. Along with long time friends Zach Dawes and Tyler Parkford, the three came together for jam sessions, which soon morphed into a harmonic psychedelia that is a throw back to the past as well as a foraging ground for a bright future.

Although noted as a side project for Shuman, Mini Mansions has released a self titled LP after previously releasing their early recordings on an EP, also self-titled. Creating a unique and full sound out of a three piece takes skill and creativity, even if the end sound is familiar. Mini Mansions employs keyboards, a thick bass sound, drums, and brilliant vocal harmonies between Shuman and Parkford. Recalling Lennon and Mcartney in their vocal harmonies, Mini Mansions pulsates with an equal amount of pop and psychedelia, conjuring visions of late 60's Pink Floyd.

Recently finishing up tour dates that saw Mini Mansions open for The Kills, Mini Mansions is currently playing local shows in and around the Los Angeles and SoCal area. Side project or not, Mini Mansions is a refreshing gem amid constantly recycled sounds found in many of their contemporaries.

EP: Mini Mansions (2009)
Single: "Heart of Glass" (2009)
LP: Mini Mansions (2010)
Single: "Kiddie Hypnogogia" (2010) "W√ľnderbars" (2010)
Free MP3 or Video: Music Video
Influence: Mini Mansions, while finding it's home in the world of Indie rock has garnered comparisons to the likes of: Elliot Smith, The Beatles, Fountains of Wayne and even early Pink Floyd.

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