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NYC Smoke

Web Site:
Location: New York City
Members: Howie Statland -- guitar, vocals
Anthony Settecase -- guitar, vocals
Kevin Fox Haley - bass, vocals
Scott Lipps - drums
“Songs inspire me, and I guess that’s why I write them – to inspire other people,” says the singer, guitarist and founder of raw rockers NYCSmoke. “I’ve been inspired to write music, but it could make other people want to paint a painting, talk to a friend, or just get someone through another three minutes of their life.”

It’s that kind of unshakeable belief – that great songs can lead to great things, and even save lives – that drives NYCSmoke’s passionate new album, Hearts and Stones. The latest chapter in Statland’s prolific career, the CD is 11 songs of sharply crafted messages, naked aggression, soulful rock singing, longing, guitars and more guitars. Each track reveals a new side of the young NYC warrior, who sees this latest work as a major development in his intensive study of songwriting.

“This is a straightforward rock and roll album with smart lyrics,” he says simply. “Hearts and Stones is just like reading a short novel. Each song has a beginning, middle and end, like a story. The first song, ‘Finally Mine’, is about taking back the time that you spent with somebody after you’ve broken up with them. It’s not about regret, really, but taking responsibility for your actions. I’d like to think that’s something that’s happened to me.”

Drama made even more powerful through music is everywhere. The song “Last Vacation Day” sees ringing acoustic guitars riding over a strong drumbeat until the chorus, when Statland and his six-strings scream with electricity about a person who’s about to enter an insane asylum. Later, the strong beauty of “Brooklyn” provides an unforgettable release, as Statland lays his obsessive tendencies bare for all to see, singing “I want to be the code that you break/I want to be the pills you need to take...”
Equipment: None listed
Recordings: "For the Posers" - 2001
"Wine and Roses"-2002
"Hearts and Stones"- 2004
Free MP3 or Video: None Listed Click Here for other free MP3 Downloads
Influences: The Who, Lou Reed, Talking Heads, Tom Waits, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Replacements, Bob Dylan, Pete Townshend, the list goes on.

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