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Location: Iowa City, IA
Members: Terry Ainsworth - Plays thunderous melodic bass guitar.
Dan Bobek - Strums his guitar like the tiger raking their claws against a steel cage. While at the same time pushing air through his throat to form vocal sounds as well.
Justin Denman - A guitar artist. Always making time to get the right tone for the song. From swirling sick sounds to the soft melodic pluck, every song is treated as a growing infant.
Net Hedlund - Plays the drums with one of a kind abandonment. ROCK!
Damon Marvin - The sweet sounds coming from Damon's lips is in fact his voice. What a powerhouse instrument.
About: If you start with the extremely creative rock of the 60's, mix it was the riff power of the 70's, the quirkiness' of the 80's, the emotional grunge outbreak of the 90's, and the frustration of the present, then the is a chance that it wouldn't sound anything like Sunformer, but a greater chance that it would.
Equipment: None listed
Recordings: None listed.
Free MP3 or Video: None Listed Click Here for other free MP3 Downloads
Influences: Every sight and sound. Its so hard NOT to be influenced. You should ask "Who are your favorite musicians?".

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