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Light Pick Light Show

Where would the greatest guitarists in modern music be without their favorite tool, the guitar pick? Now the guitar pick is no longer just a tool, it's part of the show. Santa Cruz Light Wells, Inc. ( announces their latest product release, the Light Pick™ Light Show.

The Light Pick™ Light Show is a high performance guitar pick that lights up with a tap of your fingers. Guitar players, bands, students, and even MCs can enhance their performances and audience entertainment by adding entrancing visual effects to their shows.

Michael Herring, CEO of SCLW, explained, “Our customers told us they want this type of device, and at $19.95, we expect the Light Pick™ Light Show to be in the hands of many guitar players.” With a simple tap of your fingers, the Light Pick™ Light Show turns on and flashes at 240 beats. Guitar players have a choice of yellow, green, blue and other fun colors for their Light Pick™.

The Light Pick™ Light Show includes all the state-of-the-art technology and design that comes in every Light Pick™.  Each high performance guitar pick features a new string shock technology (SST) that allows the tip to absorb a large percentage of sting shock while playing. With SST, the result is an ergonomic kick that helps propel the arm for the next strike. The Light Pick™ comes with a replaceable tip that is responsive while also increasing one's accuracy, harmonics, timbre, timing, and string articulation.

Sam Sever, lead guitarist of Resolve to Burn, states, “Weather you're strumming, alternate picking, sweep picking, etc..., you get a great 'feel' due to this SST technology.”

SCLW has three (3) product series to serve every guitar player, the Light Pick™ Light Show, the Metronome series, and the Pro series.  With the Metronome series, the Light Pick™ visually displays tempo and beat patterns. It makes available beat patterns, 2-8, and any desired tempo ranging from 20-400 beats per minute.  It’s a great teaching tool for the practicing player! The Pro series includes both the advanced Light Show features and Metronome features in one pick. This pick has more programmable features and all the color accessories that allow the performer to customize it to his/her needs.

With the Light Pick™, performers can stay focused on having fun with their music while visually captivating their audience.

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