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OnlineRock has always been a destination to download music from the latest up-and-coming bands but now we have partnered with a few labels to expand our offerings. You can download free recent music from established acts as well as bands that are just starting out. If you have a song that you'd like to feature, click here. Please note that not all songs submitted will be accepted.

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MP3: Deer Tick: Art Isn’t Real (City of Sin)

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Deer Tick began in December of 2004 in the bedroom of Providence native, John McCauley. With a tape recorder and a nylon string guitar, he did what most anybody would do; he made tapes for his friends. Much has changed since then, but the attitude remains the same. In April of 2007, just weeks before a national tour, McCauley turned to Dennis Ryan, a bright young drummer who had just decided to cut his career at college about 3 years short. The two had played together before and their energy while performing was something unmatched for the both of them. It took no convincing Dennis at all that this was a good idea. He said "yes" before McCauley even finished asking him.

MP3: Dead Confederate: The Rat

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There's a new breed of dark, raw, mind-blowing psych-rock crawling from the South, and its name is Dead Confederate. The Georgia group conjured the haunting sound of their debut full-length album WRECKING BALL the old-fashioned way: by making it in the tiny concrete box of a studio in Austin, Texas, where the sound effects for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre were recorded. "We're kind of like a Jackson Pollock painting," explains singer/guitarist Hardy Morris, 28. "Brutally honest. There isn't some big twist or turn, it just lays it all out there. Immediate, no frills, primal, emotional.” WRECKING BALL is out September 16 through TAO Records.

MP3: Dennis Crommett: Away the Evening

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The Evening Sorrow was recorded in an old house across from a church in the struggling city of Holyoke, Massachusetts. The record comes after several years immersed in the vibrant music scene of Northampton, Massachusetts. With The Evening Sorrow, Crommett sits down on the rug, opens a box of photographs, looks at each, and then throws them into the fireplace. Only the present remains; the love

MP3: Computer Vs. Banjo: Give Up On Ghosts

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You’ll recognize their names because they’re both accomplished musicians: Johnny Mann was the lead guitarist of Gran Torino, a funk/jazz fixture on the Southeast club and college scene that ultimately licensed songs to TV hits like “The Real World.” Beau Stapleton played tenor guitar and mandolin for Blue Merle, a dynamic rock/pop four piece that rose remarkably high for such a short-lived star, releasing the album Burning in the Sun on Island Records and opening for Van Morrison.

MP3: Poi Dog Pondering: Candy

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Poi Dog Pondering releases their seventh album, aptly titled, “7,” through their own Platetectonic Music label on April 1, 2008. PDP will be promoting the new album with a US tour, which began with a sold out show at Chicago’s Vic Theater on March 29, 2008, covered the east and west coast in April/May and continues through the south in June "This is the PDP I first fell in love with and, even though it’s twenty years on, their music takes me to places I never realized existed." - AUSTIN CHRONICLE.

MP3: She & Him: Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?

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She & Him is a story of musical serendipity. Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward first met in 2006 for a movie soundtrack project in which they recorded a version of Richard and Linda Thompson’s “When I Get To The Border”. While in the studio, they were immediately struck by one another’s talents and found an instant rapport. During a conversation about their shared love of old records, Zooey let slip that she wrote her own songs, which she recorded alone at home on her computer. Somewhat shy about sharing these musical morsels, she was eventually persuaded to send them to M. He was instantly impressed, and they soon reconvened at his Portland studio to begin work.

MP3: Ed Harcourt: Revolution In The Heart

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Ed Harcourt is poised to release his fifth studio album, The Beautiful Lie, in the US on June 3rd via Dovecote Records. The British Mercury Prize nominee recorded the bulk of the album on an eight-track in his grandmother's house in Sussex - the rest done in East London's Toe Tag studios, where The White Stripes recorded Elephant. Graham Coxon (Blur) lended his guitar for "Visit From A Dead Dog", BJ Cole's pedal steel makes appearances on various tracks and The Magic Numbers performed backing vocals on "Revolution In The Heart".

MP3: Maps: To The Sky (M83 remix)

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As mentioned above, this free download is part of the Sonic Cathedral split 7 inch remixed by M83. Maps and M83 swapped "sky" tracks from their new albums for remixing. Maps is the recording name used by Northampton-based musician James Chapman. An obvious influence on Chapman are Spiritualized, whom "he loves", Galaxie 500 and Low. This track comes from We Can Create, released in 2007 and shortlisted for the Mercury Music Prize.

MP3: Flight of the Conchords: Ladies of the World

The record: produced by Mickey Petralia (Beck Midnight Vultures, Ladytron Light & Magic) in Los Angeles, New York and Wellington. It features fully fleshed out and professionally recorded versions of Flight of the Conchords concert and television favorites, rendering pointless all the inexpert fan-made audio transfers (the modern day equivalent of holding a microphone up to the television speaker and shouting at your mom to be quiet), which have bloated hard drives the world over. The songs are heard here in expanded but reverent arrangements. Bret and Jemaine’s trademark acoustic guitars lead the blitz, backed by a diverse array of instrumentation and production technique.

MP3: Nada Surf: See These Bones

Lucky, the title of Nada Surf’s fifth album, is at once literal and ironic. Like the songs that singer-guitarist Matthew Caws, bassist Daniel Lorca and drummer Ira Elliot crafted for their previous two albums, let go (2003) and the weight is a gift (2005), lucky is filled with images of restlessness, longing and the elusiveness of love. Yet the band counterbalances the lyrical bittersweetness with a musical buoyancy. Intimate songs become in-it-together anthems, thanks to the chiming guitars, propulsive rhythms, and the emotional candor in Caws' vocals.

MP3: Nicole Atkins: Party's Over

Nicole's latest release, Neptune City, produced by Tore Johansson (Cardigans, Franz Ferdinand, OK Go, Saint Etienne, New Order), an album that sounds like it came from anywhere but the New Jersey Americana rock tradition made famous by Bruce Springsteen. Her music ranges far afield: at some times vaudevillian, at others psychedelic, a little bit country, a dash from early musicals, all under a cloud of pop-noir, often all coming in the very same song. Atkins writes songs that could have come from an episode of Six Feet Under, or an updating of Grease, as directed by David Lynch.

MP3: Pleasant Grove: Elaborate Son

Pleasant Grove so named for a Dallas, Texas suburb, was formed by co-vocalists / guitarists Bret Egner and Marcus Striplin. They were drawn together by a vision to write and play music that captured raw melancholy melodies laid out over slow spacious rhythmic harmonies.

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