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OnlineRock has always been a destination to download music from the latest up-and-coming bands but now we have partnered with a few labels to expand our offerings. You can download free recent music from established acts as well as bands that are just starting out. If you have a song that you'd like to feature, click here. Please note that not all songs submitted will be accepted.

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MP3: Headlights: Cherry Tulips

Based around Tristan Wraight's acoustic guitar and Erin Fein's keyboards, the songs on Some Racing, Some Stopping purposefully lack much of the spacey atmospherics that define the band's earlier work. Instead the album is steeped in a classic pop sensibility, reminiscent of the '60s, Brill Building song craft, and Phil Spector production. Songs like the chiming, harmonic "Catch Them All," the light and airy "Cherry Tulips," the solemn "January," and the driving, string-touched "Market Girl" are evidence of an album that is more focused than any of the band's past work.

MP3: Mark Kozelek: Up To My Neck In You

Kozelek has toured the world extensively as a solo artist and with Red House Painters. His songs have appeared in numerous movie and television soundtracks. Kozelek recently acted in the Cameron Crowe film "Almost Famous" to be released this fall. He also compiled, and contributed tracks to Take Me Home - A Tribute to John Denver.

MP3: The Lonely H: The Meal

Swaddled tight in the electrified buckskin of their classic rock-n-roll forefathers, our five Washington braves set out to blanket America in a hot winter blizzard. Don't be fooled by the silk strands tucked behind their ears on New Years Eve: what the maps don't tell you is that all-night drives make for better lives, deer come out of nowhere, and what parents don't know (night after night) wont kill them.

MP3: The Raveonettes: Aly, Walk With Me

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Coasting is the easy option. Having the balls to recognize that things aren’t right and doing something about them is much harder. It may have taken Sune and Sharin a little while but they made the right decision in the end- both personally and creatively- and ‘Lust, Lust, Lust’ is where the two worlds collide. The songs cover the toughest decisions, the fondest of memories, the scariest of fears and the most tempting of desires all from the most personal viewpoint yet captured in The Raveonettes back-catalogue.

MP3: Say Hi: Northwestern Girls

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Say Hi was founded in Brooklyn, NY in late 2002, as was Euphobia Records, a label started by Elbogen to facilitate the release of that year’s Discosadness LP. Three more records followed over the next few years (2004’s Numbers & Mumbles, 2005’s Ferocious Mopes and 2006’s Impeccable Blahs). Immediately after relocating to Seattle, Elbogen wrote and recorded The Wihses And The Glitch at his home studio over the bulk of 2007. And yes, his studio inhabits the same room he sleeps in. Touring keyboardist / vocalist Nouela Johnston (the touring line-up for Say Hi is ever-evolving) contributed vocals on three of the songs. The Long Winters’ John Roderick and Pedro The Lion / Headphones’ David Bazan also sing on a track each. Everything else was performed by Elbogen, himself.

MP3: The Black Angels: The First Vietnamese War

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These are fighting times, people. We are surrounded by grit, spit, and bloody war, but in the distance moving forward is The Black Angels. They’ve returned unscathed from their first tour of duty with Seattle-based Light In The Attic Records, still armed with their self-proclaimed "Native American Drone 'N' Roll" and set to release their debut long player. Passover speaks of real-life horrors, death, and destruction with doses of love, sex, and healing. Don’t lose track, these are caring times as well.

MP3: Beach House: Gila

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The organs, slide guitars and reverb are still there, but Beach House lay out some new sounds for their newest offering. While on their debut critics made comparisons to early ‘90s dream popsters like Mazzy Star, Galaxie 500 and Slowdive, on Devotion listeners will also hear the band’s longtime admiration for ‘60s Motown and country folk.

MP3: Counting Crows: When I Dream of Michelangelo

Counting Crows’ Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings is just your average brilliant, unsparing rock & roll song cycle about the high life and the low life, about sin and whatever the hell follows. This is a dark ride -- Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings is less Animal House and more Requiem For A Dream. So if SaturdayNights & Sunday Mornings is the last album that Counting Crows -- or for that matteranybody else -- ever releases, at least the band will be going out with one hell of a big bang. This is an album with two distinct yet deeply related halves that will not only remindlongtime admirers of what makesCounting Crows a great band in the first place – it reminded the band as well. Release Date: March 25, 2008

MP3: The Blakes: Two Times

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Pitchfork has praised the band's "swampy guitars, twitchy rhythms, and power-pop vocal harmonies" of their self-titled debut album. Mixed and mastered by Martin Feveyear (Kings of Leon, Crooked Fingers), The Blakes recall the stinging catchiness of early Who, Kinks, and other spitfire rock bands.

MP3: Mates of State: Bring It Back

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Mates of State is the organ and drums, vocal-laden duo of Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel. Formed in the nation's heartland December 1997, their infectious songs and long-standing motto of play anywhere, anytime has earned them a legion of fans from coast to coast and everywhere else in between.

MP3: Tiny Vipers: On This Side

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It is the product of many years worth of neo-psych/neu-industrial song-crafting, yet the mood of it was made complete by the track “Forest on Fire,” which was completely improvised in the studio. It was meticulously premeditated as a non-traditional acoustic work, but the unlikely last minute discovery of an abandoned vintage Oberheim Two-Voice synthesizer distinguishes it. It’s empty, spare, and minimal—except where the nuanced, abstract noise implies that someone is on the other side, listening to you listen. The record was created by Fortino alone, but it couldn’t have been done without Red Room engineer Chris Common’s vintage microphones and analog heart, nor without Ben Cissner, who adds post-folk fingering to “On This Side” and “The Downward.” Fortino never spent a minute receiving formal guitar instruction, but her intricate, progressive patterns sound like the work of someone who learned the rules in order to forsake them.

MP3: John Vanderslice: White Dove

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The songs and themes in emerald city are fueled by an era of deep insecurity and paranoia; they develop in front of a backdrop of ritualized and mythologized current events. Lyrically, JV's characters and storytellers track Manifest Destiny from burning wagon wheels to two-bedroom homes with full amenities in Bakersfield, California. Along that rough road, there are bewildered commemorations, peace-lovers and revenge-lusters, psychotic reactions to unnamed episodes, and the grief-stricken and the vengeance-hungry wrapped up in the same skin.

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