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OnlineRock is your source for the latest indie music and releases along with helpful tips and tools for musicians including CD Reviews, Interviews, Free Giveaways and more. Hosted by Andrew McNair, this podcast features fresh new music from artists around the globe.

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OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 40

1. Laarks: All the Words You Can't Say Right, An Exaltation of Laarks on Absolutely Kosher
2. Tindersticks: Black Smoke, Falling Down a Mountain on 4AD
3. The Silent League: Here's a Star, … But You've Always Been the Caretaker on Something in Construction
4. The Affected Affections: Baby Baby, demo. Download the demo at
5. Giant Cloud: Fingernails, Old Books EP on Park the Van
6. First Rate People: Girls' Night, album TBA, self-released. Download the single at
7. Los Campesinos!: The Sea Is a Good Place to Think of the Future, Romance Is Boring on Wichita Recordings
8. Eels: Little Bird, End Times on Vagrant
9. CITAY: Careful With That Hat, Dream Get Together on Dead Oceans
10. Beach House: Norway, Teen Dream on SubPop

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 39

1. Surfer Blood: Floating Vibes, Astro Coast on Kanine
2. Woodpigeon: Empty-Hall Sing-Along, Die Stadt Muzikanten on Boompa
3. Freedy Johnston: Don't Fall in Love with a Lonely Girl, Rain on the City on Bar-None
4. Jason Boesel: Hand of God, Hustler's Son on Team Love
5. Susu: M.B.T., R and R and R, self-released
6. Laura Veirs: July Flame, July Flame on Raven Marching Band
7. Get Well Soon: 5 Steps / 7 Swords, Vexations on Cityslang
8. Vampire Weekend: Horchata, Contra on XL
9. Seven Saturdays: A Beautiful Day, Seven Saturdays EP, self-released

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 38

1. Sloan: Take It Upon Yourself, Hit & Run EP, Murderecords
2. Midnight Masses: Walk on Water, Rapture Ready, I Gazed at the Body EP on Team Love
3. Taylor Hollingsworth: Trail of Tears, Life with a Slow Ear on Team Love
4. MillionYoung: Hammock, Sunndreamm EP self-released, (
5. Magic Kids: Superball, split 7" with The Smith Westerns on Fat Possum
6. Steve Mason: All Come Down, Boys Outside on Black Melody
7. Tycho: Coastal Brake, Coastal Brake single on Ghostly International
8. Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band: Inuit, An Eskimo Christmas EP, self-released
9. Tanlines: Saw, FADER/Southern Comfort 7" Series #11 on The Fader

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 37

1. Brilliant Colors: Absolutely Everything, Introducing on Slumberland
2. Avi Buffalo: What's It In For?, What's It In For Single on SubPop Records
3. Small Black: Despicable Dogs, Small Black 12" on Cass Club
4. Tamaryn: Mild Confusion, Mild Confusion 7" on True Panther Sounds
5. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart: Higher Than the Stars, Higher Than the Stars EP on Slumberland
6. Brazos: Day Glo, Phosphorescent Blues on Autobus Records
7. Yellow Fever: Hellfire, Yellow Fever on Wild World
8. BOAT: Lately, Setting the Paces on Magic Marker Records
9. Tune-Yards: Sunlight, Bird-Brains on 4AD

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 36

1. Pants Yell!: Cold Hands, Received Pronunciation on Slumberland
2. Bobby Birdman: Only For A While, New Moods on Fryk Beat
3. Tape Deck Mountain: Ghost Colony, Ghost on Lefse Records
4. Loch Lomond: Wax&Wire, Night Bats EP on Hush Records
5. Ola Podrida: Your Father's Basement, Belly of the Lion on Western Vinyl
6. Local Natives: Camera Talk, Gorilla Manor, Infectious Records
7. Royal Bangs: My Car Is Haunted, Let it Beep on Cityslang
8. Memory Tapes: Easy Pert Mom, Graphics 7", self-released (
9. Fredrik: Locked in the Basement, Trilogi on The Kora Records
10. Real Estate: Beach Comber, Real Estate on Woodsist
11. Half-Handed Cloud: Once, Twice, Seven Times a Werewolf, Cut Me Down & Count My Rings on Asthmatic Kitty

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 35

1. Stricken City: Pull the House Down, Songs About People I Know on The Kora Records
2. Frankie Rose: Thee Only One, Thee Only One Single on Slumberland
3. Lymbyc Systym: Ghost Clock, Shutter Release on Mush Records
4. Molina and Johnson: Twenty Cycles to the Ground, Molina and Johnson on Secretly Canadian
5. Glass Ghost: The Same, Idol Omen on Western Vinyl
6. Yeasayer: Ambling Alp, Ambling Alp 12" on Secretly Canadian
7. Holopaw: The Art Teacher and the Little Stallion, Oh, Glory. Oh, Wilderness on Bakery Outlet
8. On Fillmore: Master Moon, Extended Vacation on Dead Oceans
9. Timber Timbre: Lay Down in the Tall Grass, Timber Timbre on Arts&Crafts Records
10. Jookabox: You Cried Me, Dead Zone Boys on Asthmatic Kitty Records
11. Systems Officer: Shape Shifter, Underslept on Temporary Residence

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 34

1. James Husband: A Grave in the Gravel, A Parallax I on Polyvinyl
2. Imaad Wasif: The Priestess, The Voidist on Tee Pee
3. Richard Youngs: Broke Up By Night, Under Stellar Stream on Jagjaguwar
4. Grooms: Dreamsucker, Rejoicer on Death by Audio
5. Gentle Friendly: Clean Breaker, Ride Slow on Upset the Rhythm
6. Atlas Sound: Walkabout (feat. Noah Lennox of Panda Bear), Logos on 4AD
7. The Middle East: The Darkest Side, Recordings of the Middle East on ThinkIndie
8. Thao with the Get Down Stay Down: Know Better Learn Faster, Know Better Learn Faster on Kill Rock Stars
9. Neon Indian: Terminally Chill, Psychic Chasms on Lefse Records
10. Flight of the Conchords: Sugalumps, I Told You I Was Freaky on SubPop
11. Spiral Stairs: Maltese Terrier, The Real Feel on Matador
12. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson: The Sound, Summer of Fear on Saddle Creek
13. Sufjan Stevens: Movement IV—Isorhythmic Night Dance with Interchanges, The BQE on Asthmatic Kitty Records

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 33

1. Mission of Burma: 1, 2, 3, Partyy!, The Sound the Speed of Light on Matador
2. LAKE: Don't Give Up, Let's Build a Roof on K Records
3. Califone: Funeral Singers, All My Friends Are Funeral Singers on Dead Oceans
4. A Sunny Day in Glasgow: Ashes Grammar Ashes Maths, Ashes Grammar on Mis Ojos Discos
5. The Shaky Hands: Allison and the Ancient Eyes, Let It Die on Kill Rock Stars
6. Kurt Vile: Overnite Religion, Childish Prodigy on Matador
7. The Fresh & Onlys: Dude's Got a Tender Heart, Grey-Eyed Girls on Woodsist
8. Le Loup: Forgive Me, Family on Hardly Art
9. Headlights: Get Going, Wildlife on Polyvinyl
10. The Raveonettes: Suicide, In and Out of Control on Vice Records
11. The Dutchess & the Duke: Hands, Sunset/Sunrise on Hardly Art
12. Au: Ida Walked Away, Versions EP on Aagoo Records
13. Music Go Music: Warm in the Shadows, Expressions on Secretly Canadian

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 32

1. Christmas Island: Bed Island, Blackout Summer on In the Red Records
2. Princeton: Calypso Gold, Cocoon of Love on Kanine
3. J. Tillman: Earthly Bodies, Year in the Kingdom on Western Vinyl
4. Or, The Whale: Datura, Or the Whale on Seany Records
5. Early Day Miners: So Slowly, The Treatment on Secretly Canadian
6. The Almighty Defenders: Cone of Light, The Almighty Defenders on Vice Records
7. Volcano Choir: Island, IS, Unmap on Jagjaguwar
8. Times New Viking: No Time, No Hope, Born Again Revisited on Matador
9. Lake Heartbeat: Mystery, Trust in Numbers on Service
10. Devon Williams: Sufferer, Sufferer 7" on Slumberland
11. Owen: Good Friends, Bad Habits, New Leaves on Polyvinyl
12. Port O'Brien: Sour Milk / Salt Water, Threadbare on Cityslang
13. Why?: This Blackest Purse, Eskimo Snow on Anticon
14. Fool's Gold: Surprise Hotel, Fool's Gold on IAMSOUND

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 31

1. The Big Pink: Dominos, A Brief History of Love on 4AD
2. The Drums: Let's Go Surfing, Summertime EP on Twentyseven
3. Grand Archives: Silver Among Gold, Keep in Mind Frankenstein on Sub Pop
4. Shannon Stephens: In Summer in the Heat, The Breadwinner on Asthmatic Kitty
5. The Clean: In the Dreamlife You Need a Rubber Soul, Mister Pop on Merge
6. Brown Recluse: Contour and Context, The Soft Skin EP on Slumberland
7. These United States: I Want You to Keep Everything, Everything Touches Everything on United Interests
8. Cotton Jones: Where You Stop for a Minute, Rio Ranger EP on Quite Scientific Records
9. David Bazan: Bless This Mess, Curse Your Branches on Barsuk
10. The Leisure Society: We Were Wasted, The Sleeper on Wilkommen Records/Full Time Hobby
11. Yo La Tengo: Here to Fall, Popular Songs on Matador
12. Slaraffenland: Open Your Eyes, We're on Your Side on Hometapes

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 30

1. Abacus: Beach Wail (unsigned)
2. Banjo or Freakout: Upside Down, Upside Down 12" on Half Machine Records
3. Ramona Falls: Russia, Intuit on Barsuk
4. Blue Roses: Doubtful Comforts, Blue Roses on XL Recordings
5. The School: And Suddenly, Searching for the Now, Volume 6 on Slumberland Records
6. Cold Cave: Life Magazine, Love Comes Close on Heartworm Press
7. Truman Peyote: New Wife, New Life, LIght-Lightning on Whitehaus Family Records
8. Six Organs of Admittance: The Ballad of Charley Harper, Luminous Night on Dragcity
9. The Cave Singers: Beach House, Welcome Joy on Matador
10. The Dry Spells: Batwood, Too Soon for Flowers on Antenna Farm Records
11. Addeboy vs.Cliff: Beep My Beep (feat. David Sandström and Erika Moeld) on Headlock Music

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 29

1. The Champagne Socialists: Blue Genes, Blue Genes single on Slumberland Records
2. Black Mold: Tetra Pack Heads, Snow Blindness Is Crystal Antz on Flemish Eye
3. The Dry Spells: Batwood, Too Soon for Flowers on Antenna Farm Records
4. Nurses: Caterpillar Playground, Apple's Acre on Dead Oceans
5. Throw Me the Statue: Ancestors, Creaturesque on Secretly Canadian
6. A Mountain of One: Bones, Institute of Joy on PIAS
7. Circulatory System: Overjoyed, Signal Morning on Cloud Records
8. Memory Tapes: Bicycle, Bicycle single on Loog Records
9. Lightning Dust: I Knew, Infinite Light on Jagjaguwar
10. The Mountain Goats: Genesis 3:23, The Life of the World to Come on 4AD
11. Teengirl Fantasy: Portofino, Portofino / New Image Every Day 7" on Merok Records

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 28

1. Megafaun: The Fade, Gather, Form & Fly on Hometapes
2. Lights: Heavy Drops, Rites on Dragcity
3. Fergus & Geronimo: Harder Than It's Ever Been, Harder Than It's Ever Been 7" on Woodsist
4. The Generationals: When They Fight They Fight, Con Law on Park the Van
5. The Skygreen Leopards: Dixie Cups in the Dead Grass, Gorgeous Johnny on Jagjaguwa
6. Magnolia Electric Co.: Josephine, Josephine on Secretly Canadian
7. Ganglians: Lost Words, Monster Head Room on Woodsist
8. Starlight Mints: Zoomba, Change Remains on Barsuk
9. The Phenomenal Handclap Band: You'll Disappear, The Phenomenal Handclap Band on Friendly Fire Recordings

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 27

1. Mew: Repeaterbeater, No More Stories ... on Columbia Records
2. The Most Serene Republic: Heavens to Purgatory, ... And the Ever Expanding Universe on Arts&Crafts
3. Bowerbirds: Northern Lights, Upper Air on Dead Oceans
4. Summer Cats: Hey You, Songs for Tuesdays on Slumberland
5. The Polyamorous Affair: White Hot Magic, Bolshevik Disco on Manimal Vinyl
6. Woods: To Clean, Songs of Shame on Woodsist Records and Shrimper Records
7. Royal City: A Belly Was Made for Wine, Royal City on Asthmatic Kitty
8. Real Estate: Green River, Fake Blues 7" on Half Machine Records
9. Lusine: Two Dots, A Certain Distance on Ghostly International

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 26

1. Dinosaur Jr.: I Want You to Know, Farm on Jagjaguwar
2. Bibio: Ambivalence Avenue, Ambivalence Avenue on Warp Records
3. Stuart Murdoch: Come Monday Morning, God Help the Girl on Matador
4. Royal City: A Belly Was Made for Wine, Royal City on Asthmatic Kitty
5. Sunset: Fishtown,
6. The Rural Alberta Advantage: Don't Haunt This Place, Hometowns on Saddle Creek
7. There Will Be Fireworks: Foreign Thoughts, There Will Be Fireworks, Self released
8. Deer Tick: Easy, Born on Flag Day on Partisan
9. Oneida: Saturday, Rated O on Jagjaguwar

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 25

1. Foreign Born: Vacationing People, Person to Person on Secretly Canadian
2. Free Energy: Dream City, Stuck on Nothin' on DFA Records
3. The Portland Cello Project: Tallymarks (feat. Thao Nguyen), The Thao and Justin Power Sessions on Kill Rock Stars
4. Broken Records: If Eilert Loevborg Wrote A Song It Would Sound Like This, Until the Earth Begins to Part on 4AD
5. Rubies: Stand in a Line, Explode from the Center on Telle
6. Tortoise: Prepare Your Coffin, Beacons of Ancestorship on Thrill Jockey
7. Jay Bennett: The Engines are Idle, Whatever Happened I Apologize on Rock Proper
8. Viva Voce: Octavio, Rose City on Barsuk
9. Hermas Zopoula: Courons, Courez, Espoir on Asthmatic Kitty Records

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 24

1. John Vanderslice: Fetal Horses, Romanian Names on Dead Oceans
2. Bachelorette: Mindwarp, My Electric Family on Drag City
3. Jason Lytle: Yours Truly, The Commuter on Yours Truly, The Commuter on Anti Records
4. Phoenix: 1901, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix on V2
5. Liechtenstein: Roses in the Park, Survival Strategies in a Modern World on Slumberland
6. Grizzly Bear: Cheerleader, Veckatimest on Warp
7. Fleet Foxes: Mykonos, Mykonos 7" on SubPop
8. Passion Pit: Moth's Wings, Manners on Frenchkiss
9. Wilco: The Jolly Banker (

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 23

1. Okkervil River: Pop Lie, Pop Lie EP on Jagjaguwar
2. Jeremy Enigk: Mind Idea, OK Bear on Lewis Hollow
3. Lewis & Clarke: Petrified Forest, Light Time EP on La Sociéte Expéditionairre
4. Akron/Family: The River, Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free on Dead Oceans
5. The Wooden Birds: False Alarm, Magnolia on Barsuk
6. Pink Mountaintops: Vampire, Outside Love on Jagjaguwar
7. Alasdair Roberts: Hazel Forks, Spoils on Drag City
8. St. Vincent: The Strangers, Actor on 4AD
9. Double Dagger: The Lie / The Truth, More on Thrill Jockey
10. The Vaselines: Son of a Gun, Enter the Vaselines on SubPop

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 22

1. The Thermals: Now We Can See, Now We Can See on Kill Rock Stars
2. Fastball: All I Was Looking For Is You (demo), Little White Lies on MRI/RED
3. Samantha Crain & the Midnight Shivers: You Never Know, Songs in the Night on Ramseur Records
4. Bill Callahan: Eid Ma Clack Shaw, Sometime I Wish We Were an Eagle on Drag City
5. Popup: What's the Matter Now, A Time & A Place on Team Love
6. Papercuts: Future Primitive, You Can Have What You Want on Gnomonsong
7. Winfred E. Eye: Two Baby Moths, Til I Prune on Antenna Farm
8. The Veils: The Letter, Sun Gangs on Rough Trade
9. The Streets: I Love My Phone (

OnlineRock Podcast Vol. 21

1. Still Flyin': The Hott Chord Is Struck, Never Gonna Touch the Ground on Ernest Jenning Record Co.
2. Say Hi: November Was White, December Was Grey, Oohs & Aahs on Barsuk
3. Anni Rossi: Ecology, Rockwell on 4AD
4. Cursive: From the Hips, Mama, I'm Swollen on Saddle Creek
5. Bob Mould: City Lights (Days Go By), Life and Times on Anti Records
6. It Hugs Back: Work Day, Inside Your Guitar on 4AD
7. Richard Swift: Lady Luck, The Atlantic Ocean on Secretly Canadian
8. Suburban Kids With Biblical Names: 1999, #4 on Labrador
9. The Felice Brothers: Run Chicken Run, Yonder Is the Clock on Team Love
10. BLK JKS: Lakeside, Mystery EP on Secretly Canadian

OnlineRock Podcast

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